Rules of “44 DXFF” award.
To motivate stations that enable WWFF references to be active for longer time, the “44 DXFF” award is issued.
This award is issued to those who fulfill the condition to establish QSOs with 44 DXCC entities, states of USA, provinces of Canada, Russian federal districts, or states/territories in Australia, from the same reference. DXCC entities have priority.
QSOs can be made by activating that reference in 1, 2, or up to 3 activation. (72 hours of activity)
The number of the activated reference number is printed on the award.
For each other reference, a new award is issued. You  need to attach a picture with your “shack” from your activation place. It will be part of your award.
Valid QSO after 2017.01.01.
Request be send to with your activation ADIF file
Electronically award as .jpg is free of charge

The ice broke! We have the first 44 DXFF diploma application!
The team at SP9YFF has achieved the performance of at least 44 different references according to the rules of the diploma.
Regulation is above!
Some comments:
– To achieve this performance the SP9YFF team worked at the end of the week and chose a 24-hour contest. There are also 48 hours of competitions ….
– It certainly did not worked QRP!
Conclusion: If you want, you can!
Pit  YO3JW
I got a question: How I know from which States are in USA?
There is three possibility to find it
1. when you have QSO ask about his state
2. after activity open and check each one to find his state
3. if is USA or VE activator and have his reference, you can find state from KFF or VEFF list
For Russian it is by number in callsign, Also in VK.

Today I had a surprise. I received a request from the States. And not one, but six! N5PHT is the one who performed the performance. Congratulations to Gary for the intense activity! Here is his awards.