HBFF-A- Awards not by LogSearch ?


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    HI Andrew et All,
    I have seen that, having activated 50 HBFF references, the WWFF LogSearch does not automatically alert me to request the HBFF-A-50 Award .
    So I have checked and seen that no HBFF-A- Award has ever been issued via LogSearch until now.
    Is it possible to correct this? Per HBFF-Rules, point 7 , A or H Awards are just released the same way for every 25 References or multiples.
    Thanks for All you do!
    73 44 de Augusto, HB9TZA
    HBFF Team


    Andrew M0YMA

    Noted… I will check.



    Thank you Andrew.


    Andrew M0YMA

    There is no reason why you should not be able to apply 😮

    Can you show me a screen shot?



    OK I have seen in My Awards as HB9TZA , Dec 1st ; as you may see, no HBFF-A yet issued and no HBFF-A-25 nor HBFF-A-50 pending.
    I send you the screen image by email, cannot copy it here :^(
    And I doubt that this URL shows you the right image; anyway here is it:
    my awards for HB9TZA

    But now something new: if I log in as HB9WFF , I may see that an HBFF-A-50 Award has been issued!!!
    Here is it:
    HBFF-A-50 Mixed Mixed All-Time HB9WFF HBFF-A-50__100001 2017-08-14

    But none as HB9TZA yet! Then , it should noted that ONLY for HB9TZA the HBFF-A-25 and HBFF-A-50 are not there.

    Something wrong with my callsign?
    TU, 73 Augusto

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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