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    My score ONFF hunting was 434 now 430 ???
    I have to check which numbers I missed, that’s gonna take a long time
    ON5SWA Swa


    Andrew M0YMA

    I understand that a number of (no longer valid) ONFF references have been deleted from the Directory.

    In accordance with Rule 16.5 of The Rules (*), these references are no longer counted.

    16.5 Deleting logs in case of deleting areas
    Incase of deleting areas all previous related uploaded logs with be set to void and will be deleted from the activation counter tables.




    Seems to be a very bad rule. All activations done for nothing, all chasing done for nothing.
    History should not be deleted.



    This is one of stupid rules.
    It’s very wrong to remove the work done by the activator,
    it invested time and money to activate.
    If the Government removes the protected area should have a status of “deleted” like as in the DXCC program “DELETED ENTITIES”.
    Crediting for the activator and hunting should be up to the date of deletion.



    any news for this topics ? decision ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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