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    I am using smartWWFF on my Andoid phone. I am also looking at WWFF watch DX cluster on my PC.

    The stange thing is that the listings are not the same! There seem to be spots missing from smartWWFF.

    Can anyone explain why the listings differ?

    I have noticed during an activation that the posting from smartWWFF is not reliable. I use dxSummit to post instead.

    Art WK2S



    I assule you know that when you spot via SmartWWFF, the spots are not taken over to any other cluster ? Only spotted in WWFFwatch !



    Yes, I understand. No problem.

    It looked to me that the smartWWFF self spots were not being posted. I tried refreshing but didn’t see them so I used dxSummit instead.

    The question here is why would the lists on smartWWFF and WWFF watch cluster be different?



    More information.

    The screen shot compares with

    Notice that some spots on dx-cluster are completely missing from smartwwff.

    Any idea why smartwwff misses some spots?

    Not sure how to post the screen shot here. Please advise.

    Art WK2S

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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