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    Here are some observations regarding validity. There is no real question imbedded in it, but any explanation would be welcomed, of course.

    There are 120 references in the directory that are valid from 31-12-9999.
    The status is ’active’ for 28 of them, the rest are ’deleted’.

    Taking the ‘active’ FFF-1592 as an example:

    In the directory it is ’active’
    In the QSOs download it is ’national’
    In a reference download it is [Valid for WWFF]
    It is not included the GCR (and not counted in my total).

    There are 13 ’national’ in the QSO download, but only 4 in the reference download (those 4 are Swedish).

    LYFF-0106 and LYFF-0209 are also ’national’ in the QSO download but ’active’ in the directory.

    73 … John, OZ4RT



    Tnx for the alert John will investigate on those es hope to olve shortly those bugs. Busy on these days for family problems.73’s Luciano I5FLN


    Andrew M0YMA

    Not sure why/what caused that – 90 references were so affected (the majority of them deleted)

    All reset to 0000-00-00 (the default) to avoid potential problems, which will take effect from the next sync

    Thanks John



    Well, I can still count 120 references with 9999 in the latest csv file. I don’t know why you only found 90.

    27 active, 1 test reference, and the rest deleted.

    … John

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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