YOFF issued a special award for all activators who made 200 QSOs or more from different references around the world. To get this award you need to activate with 200+ QSO from minimum 10 different references. Also for each group of other 10 references you can upgrade it! Each level have a different design!

Yesterday I got a nice request for YOFF 200+ award

It come from SP9YFF team

You can see in right side

Congratulation for nice “step”

How you know that you have fulfilled the conditions for this award?

In Logsearch, after you logged in with your call(s), look for “Activator” box. Click on. In the new window look for “References” box and click on. Here you have all information about your QSOs submitted in Logsearch as ACTIVATOR. In the last right column you can see some ticks! What it means?

VK5PAS. Paul wrote in VKFF group:

“I was recently asked what the 2 green ticks mean in the validity column on the Activator Reference Statistics page.

The 2 green ticks indicate that you have had 200 or more QSOs from that particular reference, thereby qualifying for the YOFF Activator Award which is issued by Romanian (YOFF) National program. Details of that award can be found at…..
The single green tick indicates that you have made 44 or more QSOs from the reference area, thus qualifying for the WWFF global activator awards.
What about a red cross? This indicates that you have not obtained 44 QSOs from that particular reference.”
With this information you can select how many 2 green ticks you have.
Make a list with copy /paste and sent to me for what level you have.
Good luck!