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  1. Hallo my Friends,
    We are very sory, but this Award never landed to us here!
    May I ask somebody to send it oncemore to me hb9tza@gmail.com or to Luciano HB9FBI luciano.lucini@bluewin.ch or to our Staff address staff@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch ??
    If Alex UT4ULP is not Manager anymore, we would like to know the address of the Person that actually cares for URFF-H-5 Award.
    Many many thanks!
    In name of the HBFF Staff,
    Augusto HB9TZA

    Here was the award release message on GCR :
    We are pleased to notify you that the Award Manager has approved the award of:
    > Call: HB9WFF
    > Type: URFF-H-5
    > Band: Mixed
    > Mode: Mixed
    > Num#: URFF-H-5__100250
    Your certificate will follow shortly.

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