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To download your awards go to this page

Fill in your callsign in the “check if there is an award for you search ” window and hit the “GO” button.

You will get a message “Award available. Click here to download

You should see your callsign, the file format is jpg.

Save your award were you want to keep it save

Thank you for your participation in our WWFF program


WWFF August Activity Month


The WWFF August Activity Month

From Thuesday the 1st of August to Thuesday 31st of August 2023.

WWFF Team would like to invite all WWFF Activators and Hunters to participate in “The WWFF August Activity Month”.

  • The activity event will start at 00:01 UTC on August 1st and finish at 23:59 UTC on August 31st.
  • WWFF Activators are invite to aired from as many as possible WWFF areas.
  • A big oppertunity for our hunters to work new WWFF areas and increase there score.

  • We recommend all Activators to use the WWFF Agenda and the WWFF Facebook Group to inform the WWFF Hunter community of their plans.

  • After each activity the Activators have to send in their logs to the log manager responsible for the areas they activated.
  • The deadline for sending in logs to count towards this special event is September 9th.
  • To facilitate the special award processing we ask the activators – especially when using vanity /special event calls or group calls – to make sure the operator field in their logs is populated with their home callsign.
  • The log uploaders then have a week to check and upload the logs. By September 16th we will start generating the awards and ranklists based on the available data in WWFF LogSearch.
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WWFF Activator Points Awards (Update)


Further to the recent announcement, the WWFF Committee are pleased to confirm the launch of a new award for Activators… the WWFF Activator Points Award.

As previously announced, this will launch on 2020-01-01 00:00:01utc – only QSOs made on or after this time shall be valid for the new award (but, obviously are valid for the other WWFF awards.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • One point for each 44 QSOs from a reference (up to a maximum of 10 points, for 440 QSOs or above) per calendar year.
  • Five points for each DX Entity where a reference has been sucessfully activated from, per calendar year.

Certificates will be issued for 11, 22, 44 and 88 points… higher levels will be determined in due course. Thanks to Francois ON5SWA for taking on the role of Award Manger.

Logsearch is already configured to report the points running total… applications will be enabled shortly…

Logsearch v1.00.00

A major update to Logsearch has just been released… and this is now officially v1.00.00 rather than the ongoing series of updates.

This update includes (as always) the addition of a number of new awards and award steps, and addresses a number of small issues, plus a bit of tidying up, and code rationalisation – many of which were already informally released.

Thanks in particular to Lars PHONO and Edwin for their support.

Open Issues can be found in the Issue Tracker.

Future Plans

Further work is ongoing… with support from other developers, we’re working to improve the development process, so it is not so dependant on one programmer.

Personal Note

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments! Unfortunately, my job means I’m on the road a lot!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

OHFF management updates

Several updates to the OHFF program management took place this week:

  • National coordinator: Kim, OH6KZP, taking over from Timo, OH5EUY / OH5Y
  • Award manager: Jukka, OH4MFA, taking over from Petteri, OH6PV
  • Log manager: Juha, OH8CW, taking over from Kim, OH6KZP

Lasse, OH2BAV, continues as reference manager, and Keijo, OH2OT / OG55W, as QSL manager for the special call OH44FF.

Thanks to Timo and Petteri for their many years of service! I’m looking forward to developing the OHFF program further together with a good team. 73 & 44!

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