WWFF Activator Points Awards (Update)


Further to the recent announcement, the WWFF Committee are pleased to confirm the launch of a new award for Activators… the WWFF Activator Points Award.

As previously announced, this will launch on 2020-01-01 00:00:01utc – only QSOs made on or after this time shall be valid for the new award (but, obviously are valid for the other WWFF awards.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • One point for each 44 QSOs from a reference (up to a maximum of 10 points, for 440 QSOs or above) per calendar year.
  • Five points for each DX Entity where a reference has been sucessfully activated from, per calendar year.

Certificates will be issued for 11, 22, 44 and 88 points… higher levels will be determined in due course. Thanks to Francois ON5SWA for taking on the role of Award Manger.

Logsearch is already configured to report the points running total… applications will be enabled shortly…

Parks in the Americas week – April 2021 by PYFF

Project Presentation: PARKS IN THE AMERICAS WEEK

The WWFF program wants to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna. In this spirit, radio amateur operators set up and operate their radio stations from designated natural parks and protected natural areas – generating attention to these areas, while giving the community the opportunity to learn about our activities aimed at preserving the environment

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Login/Logout problems

Some users have reported that they keep getting “logged out” when accessing Logsearch.

This appears to be linked to those using the Logsearch image link, in the home page gallery – but not for those who use the Logsearch menu link!

WWFF Logsearch
WWFF Logsearch

After investigation, the (with hindsight, obvious) observation was that the gallery links were still non-HTTPS… so that the (secure) login details were not being shared with the (now non-secure) page.

I have now updated the links, and (hopefully) this problem is no longer apparent.

Note: this was not an issue with Logsearch!

GxFF Suspensions (again)

For the attention of all GxFF activators…

With effect from midnight tonight, GFF activations are suspended until 2nd December (or until the restrictions are lifted).

Other GxFF (excluding GFF) are subject to regional Rules, especially relating to “unnecessary travel”.

Get Your Park ON! 2020

Get Your Park ON! 2020

Wow! Get Your Park ON! Celebrating Earth Science Week just completed, and wow. This is the third year for the event that is run in conjunction with Earth Science Week, a fabulous national and international program sponsored by the American Geosciences Institute advancing educational programs focusing in K-12 schools teaching our youth about responsible stewardship of the Earth.

Lots of KFF activity that was aided by some good propagation to make for quite an event. And there were many, many European hunters too with the top European hunters logging over 100 KFF references during the event. Ironically, the top European hunter logged more KFF references than the top U.S. hunter. I don’t think that is so much a damnation of the U.S. hunters, but a testimony to the good propagation and the international interest that is developing for Get Your Park ON! So, here are some statistics:

  • KFF References activated: 214 
  • KFF Activators: 58
  • KFF Activators QSOs: 13,000
  • European Hunters: 103
  • NA Hunters: 284

The addition of the Special Event Stations (SES) added a nice flair to this year’s event. Hats off to the eleven SESs activators who did an outstanding job in terms of both references activated and the quantity of QSOs. Several Europeans managed to work all eleven of the SESs, quite a feat. Of the group, N9G (N9JF) and N3G (KB3WAV) activated the most references with 16 activated. N5G (N9MM) had the most QSOs logged with 1,628. K6G (W6LEN) deserved recognition for working the European openings from the west coast with approximately 40% of his 582 QSOs being Europe. Top SES goes to N9G who had 14 of 16 qualifying activations and 1,214 QSO. Here are the total SES statistics:

  • KFF References activated: 95
  • SESs Activator QSOs: 6,736

With so much activity, many qualify for the GYPO 2020 participation certificate which requires only working 25 WWFF (not just KFF) references. Also, an endorsement is available for those Europeans working five 1×1 SES stations, or 10 for NA stations. If you’d like one, email n9mm@arrl.net with the total number of WWFF references (and SESs) worked during October 10-18, 2020.

Even before the smoke clears on GYPO 2020, we are thinking about next year when propagation will be even better with the new sunspot cycle. For sure the Special Event Stations will be returning. A couple have already reserved their 1×1 call signs. And it will be great if more European activators join Dave G1OCN, and GYPO becomes a more international event. Remember ALL WWFF Activators and Hunters are invited to participate.

Thanks everyone for making GYPO 2020 so much fun! Until 2021…

Log Accuracy

One of the frequently asked questions is “Why can’t activators upload their own logs?”.  And the answer we give is “Because, even with the checking process of the National Coordinator (or National Log Manager), too many errors still get through.”

Mistakes happen… it is easy enough to transcribe a paper log and get transpose letters in callsigns, or get a P2P reference wrong (either by mis-hearing or mistyping).

But the following (quite common) mistakes should never make it as far as Logsearch… firstly, the Activator should check their own log, but equally the NC/NLM should spot them (or, at least the first four):

  • Incorrect OPERATOR
  • Incorrect DATE
  • Incorrect REFERENCE
  • Incorrect BAND
  • Incorrect MODE

So a gentle request to all activators: please check the log before submitting it. And to National Log Managers: please do some basic checks (Date, Station Call, Operator, Reference) before uploading.

Thank you!

Activity Stats – Sept 2020

For interest, the following activity (grouped by Programme) took place during August 2020, and have been uploaded to Logsearch. To add a little competitiveness, it is sorted by Average Number of QSOs per Activation (with a qualifying reference count of two references).
Having said and done that, a special shout out to KFF, whose KFF Marathon has certainly got the activators out, whilst VKFF maintains a good presence “down under”!
Also, a “Mention In Despatches” for UP44WFF’s activity in UNFF-0082.

Activity Report – September 2020
Prog Refs Total
Logs Ops
IFF 32 10,733 325.24 33 14
EAFF 25 5,506 189.86 29 15
LYFF 2 327 163.50 2 2
YLFF 7 997 142.43 7 2
FFF 34 4,372 128.59 35 7
SPFF 76 10,678 117.34 102 23
YUFF 3 343 114.33 3 2
YOFF 4 450 112.50 4 3
OZFF 21 2,555 106.46 25 10
9AFF 16 1,918 100.95 20 15
HBFF 6 587 97.83 6 3
OEFF 9 975 97.50 10 6
OHFF 29 2,747 91.57 30 11
SVFF 5 543 90.50 6 3
ONFF 28 2,840 88.75 33 13
RFF 12 1,408 88.00 16 6
CTFF 2 173 86.50 2 2
LZFF 22 1,935 84.13 30 7
PAFF 18 1,504 83.56 18 7
DLFF 65 6,238 77.98 85 46
KFF 229 15,321 64.37 347 68
GxFF 39 2,444 62.67 57 *
OKFF 56 3,546 58.13 61 21
VEFF 23 2,049 53.92 42 5
OMFF 12 625 52.08 12 2
JAFF 20 1,035 51.75 20 4
LAFF 4 207 51.75 4 1
SMFF 76 3,654 45.11 85 8
ESFF 3 115 38.33 3 2
VKFF 49 1,177 23.54 51 16
UNFF 1 1,422 1,422.00 1 1
PYFF 1 1,250 312.50 4 4
LXFF 1 201 201.00 1 1
HAFF 1 168 168.00 1 1
4XFF 1 45 45.00 1 1
URFF 1 43 43.00 1 1
4OFF 1 37 37.00 1 1
LUFF 1 13 13.00 1 1
E7FF 1 8 8.00 1 1
Total 936 90,189 87.48 1,190 343
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