WWFF Activator Points Awards (Update)


Further to the recent announcement, the WWFF Committee are pleased to confirm the launch of a new award for Activators… the WWFF Activator Points Award.

As previously announced, this will launch on 2020-01-01 00:00:01utc – only QSOs made on or after this time shall be valid for the new award (but, obviously are valid for the other WWFF awards.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • One point for each 44 QSOs from a reference (up to a maximum of 10 points, for 440 QSOs or above) per calendar year.
  • Five points for each DX Entity where a reference has been sucessfully activated from, per calendar year.

Certificates will be issued for 11, 22, 44 and 88 points… higher levels will be determined in due course. Thanks to Francois ON5SWA for taking on the role of Award Manger.

Logsearch is already configured to report the points running total… applications will be enabled shortly…

Cyprus 5B4 3/5 Ref area Awards program

Hi all after over a year of Lock down we are finally now able to got and do some Activating, Our local Reference is 5BFF-0002 Akamas National Park KM64DV., Work 3 or 5 areas and I as awards Manager will send an E certificate for achievement. Hopefully other Operators will activate reference points closer to them. we will be out at least weekly every Tuesday from about 06.30 UTC until 09.00. where we break for liquid refreshments..look forward to getting you in our Logs….Regards stay safe

73 /44 Noz 5B4AIX

Moneron Is., RFF-0193

DXpedition to Moneron Island, reference RFF-0193 will take place from 15 to 31 July 2021.

It is planned to operate with RI0FM callsign on all bands in CW, SSB and FT8.
The recent and most detailed information about the expedition, plans, dates, team, equipment — on the expedition website RI0FM.

QSO with the RI0FM expedition — a unique opportunity to get into account the rarest RFF reference, as well as the Russian Federation entity and the Federal District for Sanctuary Russia Award Program.

Moneron is a picturesque hardly accessible island up to 3.8 x 7 km in size in the Tartar Strait, 50 km to west of the southern tip of the Sakhalin Island.

Moneron Island completely, together with the adjacent islands, rocks, reefs and stones, is part of Russian first marine natural park, the SPNA Moneron Island Natural Park, which is the only Russian horn-billed puffin (lat. Cerorhinca monocerata) nesting site. There are colonies of other birds on the adjacent islands and rocks, and there are sea lions and seals rookeries in some parts of the coast. Forests cover only about 20% of the island’s territory, the rest of the territory is covered with “grape” meadows, where the height of grasses entwined with wild grape vines, reaches 2.5 meters.

There is no permanent population on the island.

More detailed about Moneron Is. (in Russian but there are lot of pics):
Moneron Is. (LiveJournal)
Moneron Is. (wikipedia)

Changes in “Team GxFF”

The start of relaxation of restrictions provides an opportunity to refresh Team GxFF.

I am pleased to announce that:

  • Adie M0PAI will take over as GxFF Coordinator
  • Carl 2E0HPI continues as Log Manager
  • Mike M0MCY joins Team GxFF as Award Manager
  • Denised 2E0SLO joins as Event Manger

I will be around to assist, when required – but not to interfere 🙂

Get Your Park ON! Spring Fling

Get your Park ON! Spring Fling, will occur March 20-21, 2021 in celebration the advent of Spring. The event is open to all WWFF Activators and Hunters and is sponsored by the U.S. (KFF) affiliate of World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF).

The GYPO Spring Fling will be an International event inviting all Activators through the world to participate. Hunters everywhere are invited to search out and contact Activators everywhere, making this truly a worldwide, DX event.

This event will include Get Your Park ON! Spring Fling Special Event Stations (GYPO SES). These stations will be active from KFF parks throughout the week operating with 1×1 callsigns, e.g., N5G. Hunters are encouraged to work as many of these Special Event Stations as possible, with special recognition given to those working five or more.

A complete list of the Special Event Stations will be provided at the start of GYPO Spring Fling. Their operating plans and schedules will be posted on their individual QRZ pages.

GENERAL RULES: Operators are required to follow rules of their countries, within restrictions of their licenses, and to follow rules set forth by WWFF and its national organizations.

ELIGIBILITY: Get Your Park ON! Spring Fling is open to all WWFF Activators and Hunters worldwide.

DATES: March 20, 0000 UTC through March 21, 2359 UTC

VALID QSOs: Activators and Hunters throughout the World can exchange QSOs with each other. Park-to-Park QSOs are encouraged between Activators.

BANDS: All authorized Amateur frequencies; however, activity should center on frequencies suggested in WWFF program rules. (https://wwff.co Section 14.5)

MODES: All amateur modes are permitted.

EXCHANGE: Only signal report is required. WWFF Reference ID (e.g., KFF-1234, ONFF-1234) may be included by Activators optionally.

LOGS: All Activators are expected to submit their logs to their assigned person (may vary by country) for upload to the WWFF system. Credit for all Hunters and Activators will accrue as normal WWFF QSOs.

ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATES: A special achievement certificate will be available for all Hunters working at least 10 different WWFF References and to Activators with successful activations (44 QSOs) from at least 2 different WWFF References. And as is normally permitted, multiple visits can be made to reach 44 QSOs for a successful activation. A special endorsement will be available for those working at least 5 Special Event Stations. Request a certificate by email to n9mm@arrl.net


OZFF Spring Hunt 2021

On saturday the 13th of march the OZFF Group would like to invite all WWFF Hunters to participate in the OZFF Spring Hunt 2021.

The event will start at local sunrise 05:35 utc and finish at sunset  17:13 utc.

Stations that work 5 or more ozff areas during the event can appply for an award, see www.ozff.dk after the event has finished.

Activators can activate more than one OZFF area through out the day. An activator list can be found at : http://ozff.oz7aei.dk/ozff-spring-hunt-2021/

At this time 11 ozff areas are planned but i am sure more areas will be activated. The list will be updated before the event.

During the event, all Activators are strongly recommended to follow recommendations and restrictions for covid 19 as set down by national authorities.

Hope to see You all in the logs 🙂

Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob

KFF Marathon Challenge 2021

After the astounding success of KFF Marathon Challenge 2020, we are excited to announce it will be repeated in 2021.

Beginning January 1, 2021 KFF again sponsors a KFF Marathon Challenge, a yearlong activity wherein we will recognize the achievers who work, or activate, the most KFF References during the calendar year. There are categories for Top North American Hunters, Top DX Hunters, and Top Activators. The effect of the Marathon Challenge will be that on January 1st, for the sake of the Challenge, everybody’s KFF counter will reset to zero, and all KFF References will be “New” again. This opens a whole new world for Hunters and Activators alike.

Good luck hunting in 2021 when propagation should be much better!

Rules can be found at: https://wwffkff.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/kff-marathon-challenge-rules.pdf

M0YMA Comment

Could all WWFF hunters please ensure that your profile is correct… lots of you have the wrong Continent and/or wrong DXCC shown. This makes the analysis a bit of a pain!

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