• the WWFF Activator award is issued in steps of 11.
  • the WWFF Hunter awards (Hunter, Points and Park to Park) are issued in steps of 100, above 444 references/points.

The Award Manager is issuing approximately 400 awards each month!  After careful consideration, to reduce the Award Manager’s workload, these will be revised as follows:

The WWFF Activator award will be issued in the following steps:

  • Below 440 references, in steps of 11 (unchanged)
  • Between 444 and 862, in steps of 22
  • Above 888, in steps of 44

Note: Only 19 activators have exceeded 444 references…

The WWFF Hunter award, Park-to-Park award and the Points award will be issued in the following steps:

  • Entry level at 10 references worked or points earned (unchanged)
  • Between 44 and 444, in steps of 44 (unchanged)
  • Between 444 and 4444, in steps of 100 (unchanged)
  • Between 4,444 and 8,444, in steps of 200
  • Above 8,444, in steps of 400

Any awards already issued remain valid; any pending awards will be issued if valid.

I trust all Activators and Hunters will support these revisions!