Logsearch Update v0.0.12

The latest update (v0.0.12) has just been released…

The headline is that FINALLY the WWFF Points Award is now available… plus (once again) the addition of a number of new awards and award steps, plus a bit of tidying up.

Note: some of these have been pre-released…

Issues Addressed

This update revises the following new awards and/or award levels:

  • Issue #00013 – Add new levels OHFF-A-700/800/900/1000 and OHFF-H-700/800/900/1000
  • Issue #00020 – Add new levels LZFF-A-35 and LZFF-H-70
  • Issue #00024 – Add new levels LAFF-A-200 and LAFF-H-200
  • Issue #00035 – Add new level ONFF-H-900
  • Issue #00040 – Add new Activator Points award on WWFF page
  • Issue #00050 – Add new award RFF-A-10 and RFF-H-22
  • Issue #00051 – Add new level P2P-1144
  • Issue #00051 – Add new level KFF-A-2500/3000 and KFF-H-2500/3000

Linked to these, some fixes to Award GCRs:

  • Issue #00055 – GCR for P2P
  • Issue #00056 – GCR for Activators

This update also addresses the following other issues:

  • Issue #00014 – 2018 reports only updated monthly
  • Issue #00026 – CSS changes for Individual v Club operators (WIP)

Open Issues can be found in the Issue Tracker.

Future Plans

Further work is ongoing… especially to try and address the lack of Club Station reports in “Top Operators”… I thought I had the answer, but it made the queries too complicated and affected server performance.

It still hasn’t happened, but in the near future, all CTFF references, activations and QSOs/P2Ps in The Azores will be migrated to a new CUFF series. This has been promised for a while (including in the last updates), but time has been in short supply!

Personal Note

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments! Unfortunately, my job means I’m on the road a lot!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

FT8/FT4 in WWFF activity

Recently, the programs for digital modes have been enriched by the achievements of K1JT with FT8 / WSJT-X, as well as the derivatives made on this suport (JTDX, MSHV). This was followed by FT4 which allows a higher rate of connections over a period of time.WWFF operators have also joined these new possibilities. They have been hit by limits on the length of messages sent, which cannot support any combination of numbers and letters.
There are a number of 7 common variants that can be used:
TX1 (His_call) {Own_call} Own_locator
TX2 (His_call) (Own_call) (report)
TX3 (His_call) (Own_call) R (report)
TX4 (His_call) (Own_call) RR73 or RRR
TX5 (His_call) (Own_call) 73
TX6 CQ (Own_call) Own_locator
TX7 free with 13 signs (letters or numbers, including pauses)
The question is how we can transmit the information required for the WWFF, namely:
1 – how to call stations interested in WWFF
2 – how to inform about your own WWFF reference number
The first, FF can be added to the previous TX6
TX6 CQ FF (Own_call) Own_locator
where “FF” stands for “Fauna & Flora”
For information on its own reference number TX5 could be used as follows:
TX5 XXFF-0000 73 or TU
This text can be used on TX7 too
They can be accessed also from the F1 … F7 keys.
Another way to make the presence known in the band, and implicitly the WWFF reference number, is to announce our presence through a DX Cluster. But this implies the possibility of having access to a DX Cluster, both the activator and the hunter.
I would dare to recommend using FT4 which is faster and under normal conditions there is no difference in efficiency compared to FT8.
It is also considered beneficial to define dedicated frequencies for WWFF. These could be 2 kHz below the current frequencies agreed in different bands (example instead of 7074 kHz in 40m, to be at 7042 kHz for WWFF, aso)
This is a proposal. If you have other ideas, please come up with suggestions
Pit, YO3JW

Changed award-manager

Alena, OK2APY had to drop her work as award manager due to other large workload, however she will remain as WWFF-map-manager and OMFF-coordinator.
Thank you for your work, Alena.

Welcome on board to Mill LX1CC, he has taken over these awards and is responsible for EUCFF,SACFF,AFCFF,OCCFF,ACFF awards from now on.
Thanks Mill.

Log Accuracy

Hello, just for everybody to remind on this post which was already sent long time ago. I get more and more corrections of logs which are very time-consuming. Also everybody should learn in his ham-exam that a log is a document. So please take care.

If you check your log before you sent it, it costs you 5 minutes time.

If I have to change it later in the database with around 14 mio entries it costs me much more time.

73, Manfred DF6EX WWFF-log-manager
<here the post again>

Can I remind all Activators and National Coordinators to please CHECK YOUR LOGS before uploading them to Logsearch.

I fully accept that mistakes will be made with transcribing or entering individual QSOs, and corrections can be made.  However, there is no excuse for any of the following:

  • Station Callsign
  • Operator Callsign
  • Activation Date
  • Activation Reference

These simply need the Activator to do a sanity-check before submitting to the National Coordinator, and for the NC to do a very quick check before uploading.


Not so far is the 2020 GreenParty.

You can find rules at https://wff-yo.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_3.html


Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in GreenParty.
I received a question: What happens to those who did not transmit a serial number when they contacted an activator?
I recommend that all QSOs be logged regardless of whether they transmitted a serial number or only the control. You can use “0” or leave it free without any sign.


Pit, YO3JW


You can find results of 2020’s GreenParty at


Also wait for suggestion for 2021’s rules

Thank you to all



Beautiful nature – a private comment

Under the current situation where nobody knows how it will continue and how long it will take I would apply to everybody to act within the rules which were given out by the authorities.

Of course everybody is able to go out in a limited way if it´s a need for his health-condition. Was also one time out at almost the end of the world last sunday, with nobody around, as I almost became the crisis at home.

However I generally would recommend to avoid some forced activities (like outside-contests) in the coming weeks where it is important to jump from one place to the other. These activities can be also done later.

Currently it looks like the only way to get it better under control will be, when everybody is reducing his contacts to a minimum.

Nature will be also available in one,two or three months later. Take care on yourself and on your neighbours, friends and the whole community.

73, 44,  good health, Manfred DF6EX

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