S5FF Slovenia Flora Fauna HAM program

With pleasure,joy and proud we annuce tha Slovenia S5FF Flora Fauna Ham Program has reach from his offical start 6months ago (5.10.2022) till today N°314 of qualifed Flora Fauna S5FF references.

We have a log receive/uplod & awarding program full opreational and running.Appointed stuff is constantly monintoring and keep the program alive and going.S5FF interest & activity in S5 is growing too. Some truobles are still present in search for WEB server to page build & server location.

Good hunting after S5FF referencies

Mike S55G

S5FF Coordinator & stuff

EIFF St Patrick’s award

March 19th Jeremy EI3HGB will activate EIFF-0261 also re-activation of EIFF-0075, Declan EI9HQ will be active from EIFF-0153 also EIFF-0071, and if time allows EIFF-0072 and Phil EI9KP will activate EIFF-0062

Team GxFF

Due to family commitments, Mike (M0MCY) and Denise (2E0LSO) will be stepping down from their roles on Team GxFF.

The rest of Team GxFF (and I’m sure all GxFF award recipients and event participants) would like to thank them for their help and support in helping grow the GxFF program and raising its profile. The last year has seen an expanded set of awards and successful Autumn and Brass Monkey events all due in no small part to their hard work.

Thanks once again go to Mike M0MCY and Denise 2E0LSO for their contribution to GxFF in those two roles over the last year.

Team GxFF are delighted to welcome Ray M0DHP as Awards Manager and Bob M0BOB as Events Organiser, both are active members of the GxFF community and will be a great addition to the team.

Please be patient as we transition the team, especially in the issuing of awards.

OZFF Spring Hunt 2022

On saturday the 12th. of march the OZFF Group would like to invite all WWFF Hunters to participate in the OZFF Spring Hunt 2022.

The event will start at local sunrise 05:38 utc and finish at sunset  17:11 utc.

Stations that work 5 or more ozff areas during the event can appply for an award, see www.ozff.dk after the event has finished.

Activators can activate more than one OZFF area through out the day. An activator list can be found at : http://ozff.oz7aei.dk/2022/01/16/ozff-spring-hunt-2022-activatorlist/

At this time 14-15 OZFF areas are planned but i am sure more areas will be activated. The list will be updated before the event.

Hope to see You all in the logs 

Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob

Get Your Park ON! Spring Fling

Get your Park ON! Spring Fling, will occur March 19-20, 2021 in celebration the advent of Spring. The event is open to all WWFF Activators and Hunters and is sponsored by the U.S. (KFF) affiliate of World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF).

The GYPO Spring Fling will be an International event inviting all Activators through the world to participate. Hunters everywhere are invited to search out and contact Activators everywhere, making this truly a worldwide, DX event.

This event will include Get Your Park ON! Spring Fling Special Event Stations (GYPO SES). These stations will be active from KFF parks throughout the week operating with 1×1 callsigns, e.g., N5G. Hunters are encouraged to work as many of these Special Event Stations as possible, with special recognition given to those working five or more.

A complete list of the Special Event Stations will be provided at the start of GYPO Spring Fling. Their operating plans and schedules will be posted on their individual QRZ pages.

More info at: https://wwffkff.wordpress.com/get-your-park-on-spring-fling/


In April 2022, we will be holding the WEEK IN PARKS IN AMERICA event and we would like to count on your support and that of all the Coordinators in the different countries in dissemination and participation, especially in the countries of the Americas.

More information on this project is available on this link

Ronaldo Val
Coordinator WWFF Brazil.

Parks in the Americas Week – Flora and Fauna Expeditions – April/2022

Project Presentation: PARKS IN THE AMERICAS WEEK

The WWFF program wants to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna. In this spirit, radio amateur operators set up and operate their radio stations from designated natural parks and protected natural areas – generating attention to these areas, while giving the community the opportunity to learn about our activities aimed at preserving the environment. WWFF is an international, non-commercial program run by national coordinators for a
large number of national flora and fauna programs.

PARKS IN THE AMERICAS WEEK deals with the dissemination of the presence of Radio Amateurs in PARKS AND OTHER NATURAL PRESERVATION AREA IN THE AMERICAN CONTINENT with the purpose of spreading, through Amateur Radio, the conservation of the environment to the national and international amateur radio community through bilateral contacts and SWL, CW , satellite, digital modes and other forms of contacts made by Amateur Radio operators
This type of contact is part of the International Awards Program – WWFF, for contacts and SWL on all amateur bands and all operational modes. The stations contacted will be radio amateur stations operating in accordance with national and international legislation, in the authorized bands.

The realization of this non-profit event, without any personal, religious and or political-ideological objectives, aims to install a portable structure of at least one radio amateur station on a temporary basis in Nature Preservation Areas, operated by a group of radio qualified amateurs and the corresponding infrastructure, made up of antenna
systems (portable mounted – without changes to the physical environment), radio and power supply during the event, thus enabling contacts with all the national and international community of radio amateurs and SWL. The activation group will be responsible for the environmental preservation of the site, as well as the removal of any object at the end of the activation and is obliged to follow any and all norms related to the conservation of the area.

The objective of this project is to seek partnership for its execution as a participant or logistical support with organizations that recognize the work of environmental awareness work at national and international level.

The event We invite Radio Amateur Operators and Radio Amateur Groups to participate in the event PARKS IN THE AMERICAS WEEK, based on the expeditionary activity in Flora and Fauna Conservation Units carried out by the WWFF Program – World Wide Flora & Fauna in Amateur Radio (www.wwff.co). The event “PARKS IN THE AMERICAS” aimed at
stimulating the installation of portable stations in Parks and Conversation Units in the Americas. The list of parks in the different countries is cataloged on the website ( www.wwff.co/ directory) and there may be additional records available with the WWFF Coordinator of the desired country.

The event will take place from 00:00h UTC of April 3th, 2022 to 21:00h UTC of April 10th
Organization: WWFF Brasil – by PS8RV, Brazilian National Coordinator.
Reference site:

Contact Modes:
The activity aims to install temporary communication equipment (antennas, cables, radios and accessories) during the period of the activity and operate in CW, SSB, FM and FT8 modes
The existing awards rules for Park Activators and Hunters will apply to the WWFF Program (www.wwff.co) and the Coordination of the event in www.radioexpedicao.com

Ecological awareness in these activities is of great and vital importance in order not to harm the preserved ecosystem and the performance of the event will have an enormous impact on the dissemination of Amateur Radio in the American Continent through the efforts of Amateur Radio Operators and Amateur Radio Groups.
Ronaldo Borges do Val,
PS8RV, the Expeditionary PYFF-WWFF Brazil Project
E-Mail: ronaldobval@gmail.com

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