#400 S5FF registered references

S5FF proudly announces that we have reached # 400 S5FF registered references in less than one year till the S5FF program starts in Slovenia & WWFF.

From the start of the S5FF in November 2021, we have managed to activate 122 different S5FF areas and done more than 23.000 contacts with hunters, P&P etc… we successfully managed to run S5FF awards program too which for now runs in 5 different levels (and 2 different types of awards… we work on new S5FF references & awards, also we are working on building an active WEB page with interactive maps of S5FF areas and useful Infos for hunters and activators, meanwhile also intensely working on presentations of S5FF program among ham operators on fairs and clubs etc..etc…

Also, encourage other outdoor ham radio activities SOTA, WCA Castles, POTA and Lighthouses…. to start combining their activities and make activations more “rich” and attractive for the hunters of any kind…. (respecting the activation requirements & rules of each activity !!!)

❤ Love to be on the radio & outdoor!!

Stay safe!

73 44 11

de S55G Mitja/Mike

S5FF Coordinator/Manager

Huge wildfires in SLovenia and in Italy also on both sides of border line …Firefighters strugling to combat wildfires….alrleady for few days now…

Huge wildfire in progress on W side of Sovenia on border with Italy .Afeected is a large part of SLovenian and Italian Carst area arround 600ha – also afected Flora & Fauna references IFF-0354 Doberdo.Pietrarossa and S5FF-0043 , S5FF-0089 Lokvica.Over 600+ firefigthers battlig the on diifferent locations the huge and agressive flames of wildfires..on both sides of borderline, also 4 helicopters (Slo army,police and italian civil protection ) and 3 canadairs were engaged (2 Italian and 2 Croatian ) in last 3days….aircrafts are still in full action in area….the battle with fire is still on… in area blows gale wind from ENE (media) 10-17km/h and high temparatures over 36°C ..beside non passable terrain thick woods and vegetation,rocks…also a many of detonations and explosions of varity ammunition relicts and non expolded from WW1 in vast sorrounding area (here was a main battle line Isonzo front) make the work hard and dangerous – are issue for the firefighters also on Italian side in town Jamiano few houses were afedted and cut by fire………Firefighters,civil protection and volountaris keep battling the flames…. Good luck o my firefighting brothers from my unit (first on place) and other firefigters fro allover Slovenia and Italy come to assis and help to control the wildfire…

keep on brothers….

Good luck my heart and my toughts are with you….

73 Mike 9A/S55G/p

S5FF Coordinator

(on hollyday EU-170 island of Iž Coratia)

Putorana! One of hardest and rarest RFF-0077

This coming weekend, an amateur radio expedition is expected to one of the most inaccessible and rarely visited places, the Putorana Plateau, Lost World, the land of waterfalls and 25,000 lakes, located to east of Norilsk city in the Russian Arctic in the northwest of the Central Siberian Plateau.

Putorana Plateau. Lost World. Photo: Andrei Podkorytov, participant of the Russian Geographical Society photo contest.

Putorana, Putoramo, Petaromi, Kutaramo and even Paiturama — the most unexplored mountain range in Russia has almost more names than the number of locals. This grandiose lost world seems to have collected all the incredible records.

Here is the geographical center of Russia and Russia’s Pole of Inaccessibility — the most remote from transport routes and hardest to reach point of our country. Winter here lasts eight months of the year, the temperature – as out plane’s board – minus 55 degrees, and there is no frost-free period at all. And in very short but juicy summer thousands of waterfalls thaw, including Talnikovy, the highest in Eurasia. Because of the hardest accessibility of these places to explore, geographers still do not agree on the exact height of the waterfall. According to various estimates, it ranges from 480 to 700 meters).

Read more about Putorana…

Team camp will be located on the south shore of Lama Lake, one of the largest and deepest lakes in Russia, ~140 km to east of Norilsk

QRV is planned on 20, 15 and 10 m bands only, CW, SSB and FT8, expedition call sign R0BI/p. Estimated QRV time is 17 UTC 15 July – 07 UTC 17 July.
Equipment: Expert Electronics SunSDR2 DX transceiver, PA Acom-1010, Robinson RR-33 beam antenna (bands 20, 15 and 10 m)

QSO with the expedition is valid for RFF-0077 — «Putoransky» State nature reserve. QSL via RW3RN

Oransky Canyon. Photo: Konstantin Serafimovich, participant of the Russian Geographical Society photo contest

More about Putorana (in Russian)

More photos of the Putorana Plateau

Discussion of the expedition on the Russian amateur radio forum QRZ.RU (in Russian)

Originally posted at Russian Flora and Fauna website

OHFF field activity weekend 18.-19.6.2022

OHFF Flora & Fauna Finland is hosting a full weekend of radioamateurs activation on the third weekend of June. We encourage Finnish radio amateurs to hike to OHFF natural heritage conservation sites to keep in radioamateur contacts to the world. We all wish to have fun and give hunters lots of qsos on every mode and band.

GREENPARTY 2022 – 10th edition

The YOFF team of SRR (The Romanian Society of Radioamateurs) and other teams who accept rules,  invite all the radioamateurs to join us in GreenParty 2022

Purpose: to stimulate the ham operators to leave the house and involve in portable/outdoor operation related to the nature and ecology and to familiarize worldwide radioamateurs with protected natural areas.

Date: 4th June 2022 from 06.00 UTC to 5th June2021 05.59 UTC. Annual Saturday nearest 9th June

Mode: CW, PH(ssb), DG (FT8/FT4) in each mode segment of band

Call: “CQ GP”, “CQ 44” or “cq greenparty”

Bands: 3,5; 7; 14; 21; 28 MHz

Categories of participation:

– one operator or multiple operators (only one signal per band)– mixed, CW, PH, DG

– multi-band or mono-band

– High power, Low power (100W out) and QRP (5W out)- indoor and outdoor (with 1 or 2 activated references. In this case use 6 or 12 hours period for each reference ) stations
– by periods: 6 hours; 12 hours; – you can select it with out pause –  and full 24 hours;  .
  Examples of combination as:   LP DG 21 MHz 6H;    QRP SOMB-2 PH 24H;     HP MOMB CW 6H;   aso. 
The SWL are welcome too. They must to record both calls in QSO

Report exchange: RS(T) + Number. You can work same station in CW, PH and DG mode, in same band, on their mode segment of band. Number from indoor station is starting with 001 and increment with each QSO.

Number from outdoor station is fixed and is derived from reference code of protected natural area without the country code from where the outdoor station is located, 

NEW: but use last letter “F” as first after control RS(T) and before reference number.
Ex: A station from YOFF-0123 will send “5 9 9 F 0 1 2 3”.

QSO indoor – indoor = 1 point

QSO indoor – other = 10 points  (QSO outdoor – indoor = 10 points)

QSO outdoor – outdoor = 10 points

No multipliers.

The “indoor” stations which are permanent inside a natural protected area will count as a “outdoor” station and will send a control accordingly.

Final score: sum of points from all bands

Logs in standard Cabrillo or ADIF format will be sent to: gp2012ff@yahoo.com  5 days after the “party”.

Logs emailed after the deadline may be ineligible for any awards.

ONFF boot at UBA congres Mechelen

Thank you all for those who have pased by on our ONFF boot at the yearly UBA Congres Mechelen – Technopolis Belgium 2022. Luk ON4BB coordinator @ Eddy ON6EF logMgr represents ONFF.

Luk ON4BB representing ONFF
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