New website France Flora Fauna

Hello to all, the new team france flora fauna composed of F4HRR, F4GYM, F4GYG, is happy to present you its new website, it will be useful to send your logs easily, consult the list of existing references, or even request a new reference.
We let you discover all the features of our new website.
Attention new for the activators!! a map France and put on line on the site, which allows you to locate each reference and to go there easily.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem.
73/44 The FFF team

New National program in HIFF launched

WWFF welcomes a New WWFF National program member in HIFF Dominican Republic.

Our National coordinator HI8GP is updating the existing HIFF references.

Logs for activities in HIFF , can be mailed to HI8GP.

Find his mail on the National program page.


Their is 2 sections in the EIFF Annual Awards.

  • 1st EIFF Park Chaser
  • 2nd EIFF Park Ranger

The winners of the Park Chaser is:

1st place DL2ND Uwe, 760 points,

2nd place IK1GPG Massimo, 730 points,

3rd IK3HMB Giorgio,730 points.

The winners of the Park Ranger is:

  • 1st place EI9HQ Declan, 165 points
  • 2nd G7SQW Andy, 45 points
  • 3 people on 30 points for 3rd place. GIAZA, EI3HGB and EI5IMB

We used the total number of qso’s made from all the parks activated during 2022 to separated them.

Out on top for 3rd place was EI3HGB . 2022 AWARD standings list are on the website and rules for the annual awards.

Well done to everybody for taking part.

KFF Marathon Challenge – 2023

We are excited to announce the fourth annual KFF Marathon Challenge for 2023.

Beginning January 1, 2023, KFF again sponsors a KFF Marathon Challenge, a yearlong activity wherein we will recognize the achievers who work, or activate, the most KFF References during the calendar year. There are categories for Top North American Hunters, Top DX Hunters, and Top Activators. The effect of the Marathon Challenge will be that on January 1st, for the sake of the Challenge, everybody’s KFF counter will reset to zero, and all KFF References will be “New” again. This opens a whole new world for Hunters and Activators alike.

The KFF Marathon Challenge Award rules remain unchanged from 2022.

Good luck hunting in 2023 when propagation should be much better!

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