GREENPARTY 2022 – 10th edition

The YOFF team of SRR (The Romanian Society of Radioamateurs) and other teams who accept rules,  invite all the radioamateurs to join us in GreenParty 2022

Purpose: to stimulate the ham operators to leave the house and involve in portable/outdoor operation related to the nature and ecology and to familiarize worldwide radioamateurs with protected natural areas.

Date: 4th June 2022 from 06.00 UTC to 5th June2021 05.59 UTC. Annual Saturday nearest 9th June

Mode: CW, PH(ssb), DG (FT8/FT4) in each mode segment of band

Call: “CQ GP”, “CQ 44” or “cq greenparty”

Bands: 3,5; 7; 14; 21; 28 MHz

Categories of participation:

– one operator or multiple operators (only one signal per band)– mixed, CW, PH, DG

– multi-band or mono-band

– High power, Low power (100W out) and QRP (5W out)- indoor and outdoor (with 1 or 2 activated references. In this case use 6 or 12 hours period for each reference ) stations
– by periods: 6 hours; 12 hours; – you can select it with out pause –  and full 24 hours;  .
  Examples of combination as:   LP DG 21 MHz 6H;    QRP SOMB-2 PH 24H;     HP MOMB CW 6H;   aso. 
The SWL are welcome too. They must to record both calls in QSO

Report exchange: RS(T) + Number. You can work same station in CW, PH and DG mode, in same band, on their mode segment of band. Number from indoor station is starting with 001 and increment with each QSO.

Number from outdoor station is fixed and is derived from reference code of protected natural area without the country code from where the outdoor station is located, 

NEW: but use last letter “F” as first after control RS(T) and before reference number.
Ex: A station from YOFF-0123 will send “5 9 9 F 0 1 2 3”.

QSO indoor – indoor = 1 point

QSO indoor – other = 10 points  (QSO outdoor – indoor = 10 points)

QSO outdoor – outdoor = 10 points

No multipliers.

The “indoor” stations which are permanent inside a natural protected area will count as a “outdoor” station and will send a control accordingly.

Final score: sum of points from all bands

Logs in standard Cabrillo or ADIF format will be sent to:  5 days after the “party”.

Logs emailed after the deadline may be ineligible for any awards.

ONFF boot at UBA congres Mechelen

Thank you all for those who have pased by on our ONFF boot at the yearly UBA Congres Mechelen – Technopolis Belgium 2022. Luk ON4BB coordinator @ Eddy ON6EF logMgr represents ONFF.

Luk ON4BB representing ONFF

PAFF activity weekend awards


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Out of 1150 chasers that contacted one of the 28 different PAFF activities over the weekend of April 9 and 10, 250 chasers have achieved award levels bronze, silver or gold.

The top chaser – SP8LEP – managed to make 29 contacts, reaching 22 different activities (plus some extra band/mode QSOs). While the number two on the list – OH1MM – managed to reach the most activities – 24 out of the maximum 28.

On the DX side KD1CT was the (expected?) winner but worth mentioning are Paul and Marija that made it into the top 10 all the way from OC.

Get your award here:

PAFF weekend April 9 & 10


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Next weekend PAFF will host a WWFF activity weekend. The same weekend a number of new references will be added to the PAFF program.

The activity runs on Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10. All QSOs count towards the regular PAFF and WWFF awards but we will make a special award available for chasers of this activity weekend. There will be three levels for the chasers: gold, silver and bronze. We will have a separate category for EU and DX chasers.

Points for these awards can be collected by working a participating activator at a PAFF location (5 points for each new combination) and revisiting that activator on other bands or modes (2 points for each new band or mode). The top 5% in both categories (EU and DX) will receive a gold award. Silver will be offered for scores in the top 5-10% while the top 10-20% will receive a bronze award.

The participants and their plans can be found on the PAFF website (in Dutch): PAFF activity weekend

Weather forecast is not brilliant but we are looking forward to a lot of activity.

EIFF St Patrick’s Certificates

Hi, thank you to all that took part in our first St Patrick’s Weekend event whether you were a hunter or activater. I had a great weekend making new contacts and a few P2Ps. If you would like your certificate please use the link below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page

73s 44 Jer EI3HGB

S5FF Slovenia Flora Fauna HAM program

With pleasure,joy and proud we annuce tha Slovenia S5FF Flora Fauna Ham Program has reach from his offical start 6months ago (5.10.2022) till today N°314 of qualifed Flora Fauna S5FF references.

We have a log receive/uplod & awarding program full opreational and running.Appointed stuff is constantly monintoring and keep the program alive and going.S5FF interest & activity in S5 is growing too. Some truobles are still present in search for WEB server to page build & server location.

Good hunting after S5FF referencies

Mike S55G

S5FF Coordinator & stuff

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