On 8 april 2017 we went out for some test witn the HyEndFed antennas.  A test with my mate John, PD0PVR/p, as he wanted to go for his first PAFF activation !

At arround 11:00 utc we met at the Oosterschelde PAFF-0015. And  immediatly starded with some tests. Afterwards we decided to setup  the linked dipola and yes, John started  his first activation !!!  First qso  was arround 12:55 utc on 40m. Continue reading

DLFF-0068 by DL4FO/p STORY



The story of a great QSO between DL4FO/p Chris and VK4FW Bill

Dear Bill,

Thanks for listening to my weak WWFF-signal on 20m today and answering my call.

You really made my day!! I was on a hiking trip and called from a wooden tower on a summit near Frankfurt (not a SOTA reference but within DLFF-0068).

Since it was getting cold and my wife waited with two dogs down at the tower, I only took out the little MFJ-1820T telescopic antenna, which is abt. 1.5 m long (see picture).

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April 2, 2017 the children Novovolynsk Center of Children and Youth held in radio expedition amateur WWFF Forest “Novosilky” URFF-0176.
For the radio using SW2016 transceiver, power from the accumulator 12V, dipole antenna at a height of 8 meters. There were 126 bilateral QSO amateurs from 25 countries on short waves 20-30-40 meters.


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PAFF-0083 by PD3JAG/p & PD0PVR/p STORY


On 25mrt 2017 we went out for activating PAFF-0083. My mate PD0PVR John arrived around 09:00 UTC at my home . We put all the stuff in the car and after we drank some coffee we drove to Zeeuws Vlaanderen PAFF -0083 Braakman-Noorderbossen.

We put up the antenne mast, a 8 mtr long fishing pole . We were doing some test with a new radio (Yaesu FT891) and a new HyEndFed ant for 40 20 10 mtr MKIII 200W version.

After SWR checking we called on 40 mtr and the first qso was with my mate Danny ON4VT arround 12:11 utc . Continue reading

Our new WWFF Deputy Chairperson

W3AAX – Jason Johnston

Jason was an extremely active hunter and activator in the National Parks on the Air program. Not wanting to see the fun stop since the National Parks Service’s centennial was over after 2016, he decided to work with the WWFF and set up a website and system to support their program enlisting more national parks, state parks, and wildlife refuges in the United States and other various territories.

 He admires someone like Theodore Roosevelt who could build relationships with people like John Muir and had a respect of the land and conservation, while still being a conservative. WWFF is the perfect vehicle to get the word out that we need to preserve these places.

 As the North American coordinator, his next goals are to expand the WWFF into Canada, Mexico, Central America. Also, he plans to activate every possible entity in his home state of Maryland.

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