VKFF-1707 Encounter Marine Park STORY


Yesterday (Sun 15/1/2017), myself, Chris VK5FR, and David VK5KC, headed down south to activate the Encounter Marine Park VKFF-1707. This was the first time that the park had been activated, and all three of us qualified the park for WWFF with in excess of 44 contacts each.

We enjoyed a great afternoon on the beach near the mouth of the mighty Murray River. Finished off the afternoon with a few beers at one of the local pubs in Goolwa, and then a nice meal at Strathalbyn. Continue reading



01/13/17 was a Friday – yes, Friday the 13th. Paraskevidekatriaphobia for those of you who are superstitious (Fear of Friday the 13th), but it was such a nice day – beautiful warm Carolina sunshine, 75°F (26.6°C), brilliant blue sky – nice day for a reconnaissance of the Wildlife Refuge in McNee, South Carolina – the Carolina Sandhills.

I started out a little later than I should have because it was a last minute decision. The XYL had decided to join her Ladies Group for cards and I just wanted to get out and enjoy a Spring like day. Heading North, it took me 1 ½ hours to get to McBee, SC and find the refuge. I was surprised at the amount of industry in McBee which seems like a little sleepy town, but it is home to AO Smith (water heaters), McCann and Gearly (protective clothing) and McLeod Farms – the world’s third largest fruit and vegetable farm with 1,500 acres of peach trees in production (500,000+ trees).

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OZFF New Years Hunt 2017 STORY


OZFF New Year Hunt 2017
At the autumn of 2016 OZ0JD  Jens came with the idea ”Why don´t We try to be many Activators at the same time and the Hunters can have an Award for working us”.
Jens got his HF-license in the Summer of 2016 and have been very active as Activator the last half year.
In May 2015 we did an similar event and it´s a good good situation to make some promotion of Flora Fauna in Denmark.
The date and name was planned with Jens as Event manager. Clubs and Hams were invited. We hoped to have 5-6 areas in the air, but ended up with 10 registered OZFF areas / Activators. A few of them were first time Activators.
A simple tool for checking callsigns in all the logs for the Award was maked by OZ3FI  Finn. Application was maked at www.ozff.dk

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Hunter-Activator badge









For those who are active in the  WWFF program, we can make you a custom made badge (PNG-file) with your call and WWFF logo. Nice to put on your web or QRZ page etc … Show the world you are a WWFF fan !

Drop a mail with your call and choice (hunter, activator or both) to newsletter@wwff.co



First activation 2017 by ON5SWA/P

They said it would be could and it was cold the morning of 6th january.
Before leaving the house I had to use salt because there were very slippery frozen spots  on the ground. The area ONFF-0529 is not far from my house, about 20 minutes drive.
I found a nice spot were I could strech the legs from the inverted V antenna (19.7m left and 19.7m right) The difficult part was the frozen ground, but I managed to get the pickets in the ground.
After checking the antenne, I saw that SWR was too high. The antennawire has 8 connections, the 7th connection I inspected was the bad one.
It took a little longer to fix the connection with cold fingers (I cannot work with gloves and a screwdriver hi). Continue reading

KFF-1194 by KM6G STORY


It was a cold morning for us, 41°. We scraped the frost off the windshield and headed out at 0830PT
We got to Fisk Mill Cove shortly after 0900 and were calling CQ by 0950. My Elmer, KE6WC, spotted me and I know that’s how I got the 3 out of state contacts on 20. Thanks, Ken! There was a lot of noise on 20. I was able to hear 2 local stations and 1 each from CO, KS and TX. Guess who the one from Texas was? John, AE5B! Thanks, John, it was great to talk with you! You all know how active John has been for WWFF and NPOTA.

It was pretty slow so I had plenty of time to look around while calling CQ. I saw rainbows reflected off grass as the frost melted, ferns at the edge of the pine trees, acorn woodpeckers flying from pine tree to pine tree (someone needs to tell them acorns are in oak trees!) and several small birds that flitted so fast I couldn’t identify them. I had a filtered view of the ocean but I didn’t see any whales today. Often we do this time of year so I’ll be looking next time we’re there. Continue reading

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