On 26th February 2017 I activated the Greenhill Recreation Park VKFF-1712, which overlooks the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

The park is located just down the road from Yarrabee Road Greenhill, which was heavily impacted during the 1983 ‘Ash Wednesday’ bushfires.  Over 3,700 homes and buildings were destroyed and 75 people lost their lives in South Australia and Victoria.  Of those, five people died at Yarrabee Road, Greenhill.

I made a total of 70 contacts in the log on 80, 40, and 20m from VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6, VK7, New Zealand, Slovak Republic, Japan, Italy, Slovenia, and Belgium.  There was a small opening on 20m long path to Europe.

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Greenhill Recreation Park VKFF-1712

73 and ’44’,



On 19th February 2017 I activated the Brownhill Creek Recreation Park VKFF-1688, which is located about 8 km south east of the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

The park is about 51 hectares in size and features majestic River Red Gums, some of which are more than 300 years old.

I made a total of 62 contacts from around VK.  There was no long path propagation to Europe on 20m unfortunately.

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Brownhill Creek Recreation Park VKFF-1688

73 and ’44’,



On 17th February 2017 I activated the Mount George Conservation Park VKFF-0784 which is located in the Mount Lofty Ranges, east of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

Unfortunately the weather forced me to go QRT early and I only logged 15 stations from VK, including one Park to Park contact with VK3HSB in the Lake Eildon National Park VKFF-0625 in Victoria.

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Mount George Conservation Park 5CP-147 and VKFF-0784

73 and ’44’,





After a few rainy days its was time to go out for another activation. I decided to go to Demerbroeken, a large protected area in JO21LA. The last part of the trip I had to go by bycicle. I can put all the gear on the bicycle and drive a few miles.
After putting up the inverted-V (20-40-80m) I took some pictures from the area and from my GPS coördinates.
Starting on 80m I received very good inter-ON sigs. After a coffeabreak it was very busy on 40m as usual.
A visitor asked me what it was all about, so we were talking more then an hour about hamradio and other stuff. I always have some flyers with me for people who are really interested.
20m band was like calling in the dessert but a few nice contacts were made. Finally ended the activation with about 200 qso ( 6 P2P qso).
This was my 100th activation, having 24000 qso in my portable log ( 81 dxcc/ 61 confirmed, 464 P2P / 331 confirmed)
and I still enjoy the portable work. Going out, meeting people and visiting all those beautiful protected nature areas.
I always send EQSL, also LOTW and log is on QRZ.COM. Bureau cards are also going out but 4 times a year max.
So …up to the next activations. Enjoy WWFF!

73 44 ON5SWA/P Swa (Frans / François)

LAFF-0357 by LB0OG/p


It was a sunny and warm day, so my Friend Mario and I decided to go on a trip combined with a park activation.

Our target was a nearby island, so we took a ferry and reached it in half an hour. All necessary equipment was packed into our backpacks so no sooner had we got there , than we started climbing up the mountains to reach our destination point. We accomplished at about 2 p.m. Continue reading

WWFF Logsearch Update

An update to Logsearch has just been released:

  • The next step in the P2P awards (P2P-A-264)
  • The next step in OMFF awards (OMFF-A-50 and OMFF-H-50)
  • Latest Logs now displays 100 (was 44) latest
  • Layout improvements in the References search results
  • Layout improvements in the Directory Stats tables
  • A number of minor bugs

Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.



Nice, sunny weather, mild -6C and no wind. Perfect weather to activation. My wife and I went with skies to Pihlajavesi nature protected area, OHFF-0205. Pihlajavesi have thousands of islands and it just a small part of great lake area Saimaa. We skied about 3 kilometers over ice to small islet near Snake Island. I had old army skies and plastic sled. All radio stuff was packed on the sled. Nowdays I can ski just slow speed but no problem, every step is forward. Continue reading

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