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Programme / SubProg Reference Action

Reference Name (OHFF-0111)
Status: Valid from/to: IUCN Cat:
2014-09-01 - Current
Continent and DXCC:
Special Flags:
Latitude / Longitude: IARU Locator & Region (eg WAB, DOK, SPPA/PGA, etc)
Note: the latitude, longitude and locator are indicative only!
Activitation Summary
First ActivationLatest ActivationTotal QSOsUnique Hunters

Activition Details
DateStation CallQSO CountChaser Count
2022-12-23OH6WX/P 6450
2022-10-18OH1MM/P 111109
2021-04-14OH1NOA/P 146115
2020-07-12OH3BHL/P 6363
2018-12-15OH2FPK/P 5149
2018-12-15OH4JT/P (op: OH4KZM)4645
2018-12-15OH4MFA/P 8079
2018-01-18OH6TX 129121
2017-04-29OF7JHA/P (op: OH7JHA)6160
2016-07-26OH2KW 4544
2016-07-02OH2IPA/P (op: OH4MDY)176172

Last Change: Change Log:
2023-08-23 by M0YMA - Updated 2023-08-23 by M0YMA - Updated: Locator
2023-02-07 by OH2BAV - Updated: Website
2022-05-26 by OH2BAV - Updated: Lat/Lon
2022-05-01 by OH2BAV - Updated: Name, Website, Locator
2022-01-07 by OH2BAV (via M0YMA) - Updated: Lat/Lon
2017-01-12 by I
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