Reply To: New rules, bad news?


Please don’t even think about leaving Andrew.

I am going to speak now as just a fellow ham, not as a national coordinator.

Some of you might want to be more appreciative to what these guys (managers/board/directors etc..) are able to accomplish with this program. Making all of these “moving parts” work correctly takes a ton of time and effort. We all do this for love of the sport and without compensation. Some of us have children, jobs etc, and still somehow get things done. I might nag at other members to get things accomplished, but I have found that everything seems to be moving in the correct direction.

I am glad that the strange time restrictions and number of parks per day rules are being removed. It might make sense to Europeans because it’s easier to get a boatload of QSOs, but I am sorry, it doesn’t make sense for the US. I won’t put words into Paul’s mouth, but it didn’t seem to make sense for VK either.

You have to look at what is good for all continents if you want this truly to stay an international program.

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