Reply To: Split: Award list


OK ! That’s right.
But it happened to me in the past to request accidentally some awards that are not mine! And it did.

Actually, the HB9WFF callsig is administrated by HB9FBI ; but there is a Pending Award for HB9TZA as HB9WFF … we will reject it of course; but it happened.

You see, if I do logsearch for a callsign after my log-in , i.e. searching for callsign IK2FBI , it searches as it were IK2FBI used by HB9TZA; ( Summary Statistics for user HB9TZA
(using call-sign IK2QPO) and it is not so. THuere, I can apply for IK2QPO Awards, too .

This seems me a wrong thing; of ciourse, if I am correct I will not request them; but it happened, accidentally.

73 es 44 es 51 de Augusto HB9TZA I2JJR

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