Confirming and sending LOG

You should send your log in ADIF format to the national coordinator or logmanager of the country where you activated the nature park. See a list of coordinators/logmanagers at WWFF National Programs. Make sure you add photographic proof of your activity using pictures of a GPS device (car navigation for example), park signs and your set-up. The national coordinator will make sure that your log is validated and added to the WorldWide Flora & Fauna log database, called logsearch.
If you activated a park in a DXCC that is not covered by the WWFF National Programs, then you can send your log to Manfred: DF6EX

Q: What log formats are supported?
Q: How should I name the log file?
A: {callsign} @ {reference} {date}.{extension}

  • {callsign} is the callsign used
    Note: use hyphens ‘-‘ in place of the slashes ‘/’
  • {reference} is the reference activated
  • {date} is the date of the activation in ISO date format YYYYMMDD
    For multi-date activations, this should be the first day of activity.
  • {extension} is ADI/ADIF or CSV

eg: M0YMA-P @ GFF-0354 20191209.ADI

Q: How do I specify the operator callsign?
A: The following fields should be used:

  • STATION_CALLSIGN – the callsign used on the air by the activating station
  • OPERATOR – the home-call of the individual operator who made the QSO
Q: How do I specify the WWFF reference?
A: The following fields should be used:

  • MY_SIG should specify “WWFF”
  • MY_SIG_INFO should specify the WWFF reference

For legacy, MY_SIG may be used to specify the reference.

Q: How do I specify the Hunter WWFF reference (for the Park 2 Park Award)?
A: The following fields should be used:

  • SIG should specify “WWFF”
  • SIG_INFO should specify the Hunter WWFF reference
Q: What other ADIF fields are required?
A: The following ADIF fields are required:

  • CALL – the full callsign of the hunter
  • BAND
  • MODE

All other fields are ignored.

WWFF offers activators a custom made simple logging software  : FLE WWFF-logger


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