Our new WWFF Deputy Chairperson

W3AAX – Jason Johnston

Jason was an extremely active hunter and activator in the National Parks on the Air program. Not wanting to see the fun stop since the National Parks Service’s centennial was over after 2016, he decided to work with the WWFF and set up a website and system to support their program enlisting more national parks, state parks, and wildlife refuges in the United States and other various territories.

 He admires someone like Theodore Roosevelt who could build relationships with people like John Muir and had a respect of the land and conservation, while still being a conservative. WWFF is the perfect vehicle to get the word out that we need to preserve these places.

 As the North American coordinator, his next goals are to expand the WWFF into Canada, Mexico, Central America. Also, he plans to activate every possible entity in his home state of Maryland.

New WWFF structure

In recent months, a lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes with regards to the restructure of the WWFF organisation.  I am pleased to report that we now have a WWFF Constitution which outlines the aims of WWFF, the rules by which WWFF will operate, & powers and duties of its officers.  The constitution can be view on the ‘About’ page.

The WWFF Committee shall be comprised of up to 9 elected officials and 6 ex-officio members.

Our new Committee structure:

  • Paul VK5PAS (Chairperson)
  • Jason W3AAX (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Lars PH0NO (Treasurer)
  • Nobi JA1JCF (Asia representative)
  • Jakob OZ7AEI (Europe representative)
  • Peter VK3ZPF (Oceania representative)
  • Pit YO3JW (Awards Manager)
  • Luciano I5FLN (Directory Manager)
  • Manfred DF6EX (Log Manager)
  • Andrew MYMA (Logsearch Administrator)
  • Danny ON4VT (webmaster & PR)

The position of Secretary is still being organised.

As a committee we shall conduct meetings via Skype or similar, not less than 6 times per year to discuss WWFF issues.  We do of course, regularly liaise with each other via email.

73 and ’44’,


GFF-0336 by 2E0HPI/p STORY

Today I took the chance to visit GFF-0336 South Bents to Tynemouth South Pier Head, which is located 4 miles north of the city of Sunderland on the north east coast . My location was at Souter Lighthouse and overlooking Marsden Rocks which is a excellent location of visiting seabirds at nesting season .

The North East coast is covered in GFF sites for over a hundred miles from the border of Scotland and to the North Yorkshire Moors .
I was operating with my Yaesu FT-817nd 5watts and my homebrew 1/4 dipoles for 20 & 40m , conditions did not look good with the poor K index and I started on 40m with calls from around Europe and even some from the UK which is rare at the moment with current conditions , I did work  M0YMA/M at GFF-0292 and PA2CVD/P at PAFF-0089 Total of 40 QSO on 40m .
Then I moved over to 20m and worked 45 contacts around Europe and some contacts into USA was N9MM K1RO W1OW KA4RRU .
Total of 95 contacts over a few hours with excellent results .
73 44 Carl 2E0HPI 

WORLD RADIO AMATEUR DAY 2017 certificate



Working during 48 hours (UTC) from 00:00utc 17th to 23:59utc 18th of April 2017    7 different stations in protected areas with reference in WWFF directory and from at least 3 different countries(entities) DXCC countries or states/territory from VK areas.

Apply via Logsearch



In same period you nee
d to make 300 QSOs.

OSOs need to be in Logsearch

Deadline : 15th of May 2017 00:00UTC

Apply via Logsearch


Hope you will make a “great day” from World Radio Amateur Day 2017. See you in bands from any protected area!



Activated for the second time JAFF-0212, Sayama Prefectural Natural Park, Tokorozawa City, Saitama.
Transmitted CQs from about 0530 through 0845 UTC mostly on 17m band with occasional QSY to 15, 20 and 40m, but logged only 26 contacts. Eight overseas contacts were made on 17m: 4 EUs, 3 Asiatic Russians and VK4FW. Another contact with VK4FW on 15m was possible.
My signals were spotted in clusters several times and I am grateful to spotters, but it turned out that only a few stations called after each spot yesterday. The vertical antenna with two radials was the most I could set in a commercial parking space for sightseers.
My car was parked towards Europe. Lake Sayama, a reservoir for Tokyo water supply, and head tower in it are seen in the photo.
73 44 Nobi JA1JCF
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