AX5PAS log not showing in Top Ops

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    I conducted an activation on 26th January 2018 as AX5PAS. Although this log is showing in my own stats, I cannot see reference to this activation in the Top Operators area when I do a search for 2018 and VK.

    Any ideas on why it is not showing?


    Paul VK5PAS (AX5PAS)


    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Paul

    Activator callsigns require 3 references

    But presumably, you’ve put OperatorCall=VK5PAS anyway?



    OK thanks Andrew.



    Hi Andrew,

    I’ve fallen down an algorithmic rabbit hole too.
    Three activations this year so far but not showing in the activators list. One as AX2IO/P (with OperatorCall as VK2IO) and the others as VK2IO/P. One had 11 QSOs and the others >= 44. One crossed a UTC day too.

    So the requirement seems to be 3 references of at least 44 QSOs.
    I’ll know after my next VK2IO/P activation.

    Gerard – VK2IO


    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Gerard, yes 3 x 44 is required

    And it matches on Operator (excluding any pre- or suf-fixes)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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