SP0JT by SP9YFF and others..

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    Hi to All
    Operators SRG SP9YFF between 1-9.09.2018 will use “time to time” a special callsign SP0JT.
    info soon on http://www.sp9yff.pl

    Peter so9dxx



    bad news
    SP0JT stopped for spff / wwff
    info http://www.sp9yff.pl



    The work carried out by the club members under the occasional sign was not recognized.
    It should be concluded that the club station is not allowed to work under a SES on its own account,
    despite the fact that people are the same!. All qso are included in SP9YFF diplomas.
    We apologize to all Hunters but this is not our decision:(.


    Pit YO3JW

    Hi Kris
    AS the program is made now it not permit to use special call for club station and count for results for main call.
    Ask Andrew if he can make change in program that it recognize special call for club stations results(main + special call)
    As program work now it can permit only personal call to club station!



    Maybe you’re right Pit, from the correspondence from Manfred it appears that the problem is not on the technical side.
    The source of the problem seems to be the narrow mind of a man who does not allow the possibility of working at a club station under a special sign, and applies any regulations nowhere saved.


    Pit YO3JW

    Hi Cris
    I think all could be OK if Andrew restore the “club” station TOP,
    in main results page. Then it can be use different call for club station, with out the benefit of operators!
    Pit, YO3JW
    YOFF Coordinator

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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