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Latest Plugin Update

Last plugin update: 2018-08-29

  • New awards:
    • CUFF-A/H-5
  • Framework for a couple of new features
  • A number of minor bugs

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Known Main Issues

  • There appears to be a problem with users with Hotmail email addresses not receiving registration emails.
  • WordPress’ security and anti-spam policies are causing some problems with registrations… please bear with us while we try to sort these out! Reviewing our SPAM policy ASAP. Too much issues
  • Other issues are now logged in the GitLab Issue Tracker.

The ToDo List

The following items are on the ToDo list… inclusion here doesn’t mean they WILL be implemented; neither should the order of being listed be taken as a priority!

Issues are being migrated to the GitLab Issue Tracker.

  1. General Website
    1. Colour scheme[*]
  2. Enhancements to Search
    1. Speed/performance improvements
    2. Deleted references to count in totals (and for awards)
    3. Layout of Top Operators – too wide?
  3. Enhancements to Log Upload/Download
    1. (Done) Two-pass to allow for error-check
    2. Allow single QSO editing/deletion
    3. Allow bulk QSO editing/deletion
    4. Allow activators (not just National Coordinators) to upload logs
      (decision made NOT to implement, at this time)
    5. #000018: Latest logs – filter by program [*]
    6. Download Activator QSOs in ADIF/CSV format [*]
    7. Download Hunter QSOs in ADIF format [*]
  4. Enhancements to Directory
    1. Show details of previous activations on individual pages
    2. Show TotalQSOs on directory index pages [*]
    3. Link selected program between Directory and Search
    4. Allow selection by State for KFF
    5. Add search function on key words
    6. (Done) #00001: Auto-generation of CSV database file
  5. Enhancements to Summary Statistics
    1. (Done) Select individual countries/programs not just All
  6. Award Operation
    1. (Done) Ensure profile correctly completed before Awards can be applied for [*]
    2. Apply for previous levels of awards
    3. (Done) Restrict award applications to only the user’s own call-sign(s)
    4. (Done) Multiple award managers per country
  7. Awards and Award Management
    1. New Awards
      1. YOFF-A class 1c2 (for each 10 references with 200+ QSOs)
      2. (Done) #00008: CUFF award (as distinct from CTFF)
      3. #00002: VKFF Boomerang Award
      4. Residents Award
    2. Extend Awards
      1. None
    3. Auto-generation of award certificates
    4. Certificate repository

Items marked [*] are from Forum feedback

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