WWFF Activator Points Awards (Update)


Further to the recent announcement, the WWFF Committee are pleased to confirm the launch of a new award for Activators… the WWFF Activator Points Award.

As previously announced, this will launch on 2020-01-01 00:00:01utc – only QSOs made on or after this time shall be valid for the new award (but, obviously are valid for the other WWFF awards.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • One point for each 44 QSOs from a reference (up to a maximum of 10 points, for 440 QSOs or above) per calendar year.
  • Five points for each DX Entity where a reference has been sucessfully activated from, per calendar year.

Certificates will be issued for 11, 22, 44 and 88 points… higher levels will be determined in due course. Thanks to Francois ON5SWA for taking on the role of Award Manger.

Logsearch is already configured to report the points running total… applications will be enabled shortly…

Changes to WWFF Awards


  • the WWFF Activator award is issued in steps of 11.
  • the WWFF Hunter awards (Hunter, Points and Park to Park) are issued in steps of 100, above 444 references/points.

The Award Manager is issuing approximately 400 awards each month!  After careful consideration, to reduce the Award Manager’s workload, these will be revised as follows:

The WWFF Activator award will be issued in the following steps:

  • Below 440 references, in steps of 11 (unchanged)
  • Between 444 and 862, in steps of 22
  • Above 888, in steps of 44

Note: Only 19 activators have exceeded 444 references…

The WWFF Hunter award, Park-to-Park award and the Points award will be issued in the following steps:

  • Entry level at 10 references worked or points earned (unchanged)
  • Between 44 and 444, in steps of 44 (unchanged)
  • Between 444 and 4444, in steps of 100 (unchanged)
  • Between 4,444 and 8,444, in steps of 200
  • Above 8,444, in steps of 400

Any awards already issued remain valid; any pending awards will be issued if valid.

I trust all Activators and Hunters will support these revisions!

HLFF joined WWFF

The Team WWFF welcomes HLFF as new DXCC country in our WWFF family.

Coordinator is Ji DS1TUW and will lead the program.

Our directory is updated with lots of new HLFF references.

Looking forward to welcome HLFF in our log.

WWFF award manager switch




Our award manager for WWFF hunter and activator awards DL1JKK has stepped down for personal reasons. First of all we want to thank him for his services to our WWFF community. Thanks Karl!

To continue bringing the award pleasure to all hunters and activators, Hugo CT7AOV has stepped in to take over for now while we are looking to automating this process further. Thanks Hugo!

While Hugo is picking up the work please QRX.

Logsearch and Annual Awards

I’ve just discovered (and have a fix ready for) a feature of Logsearch whereby the Year for annual awards was not being stored correctly.
This meant that award managers may mistake an annual application for an all-time one; it may also mean that duplicate applications may be possible.

This has been patched on the server while a fuller fix will be released shortly – in the meanwhile, take care with annual applications.

EXFF-0013, Reference Activation. QTH locator – MN92.

EXFF-0013 State natural reserve “Karakol” QTH locator: MN92. Call sign: EX0QKT

This Sunday 7.01.2024 on the bands from 18 to 28 MHz will be active Archie EX0QKT.
The approximate time range is from 5:00 to 9:00 UTC.
The activation will be brief, from the slopes of the Caprice ski resort at 3040 metres above sea level.

Archie will be happy to hold communications with all comers by CW and SSB.

Radio: Xiegu G90 20w
Antenna: multiband vertical JPC-12

YouTube channel:

Logsearch v1.00.02 – Happy New Year

A very minor update to Logsearch has just been released, for the new year:

  • Issue #00117 – Support for 2024
  • Issue #00118 – Add program: 8PFF – Barbados
  • Issue #00119 – Add program: 9VFF – Singapore

Open Issues can be found in the Issue Tracker.

Future Plans

Further work is ongoing… with support from other developers, we’re working to improve the development process, so it is not so dependant on one programmer.

Personal Note

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments! Unfortunately, my job means I’m on the road a lot!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

IUCN Categories

The WWFF rules state that a park added to the list must have a IUCN category which is fair enough. In creating a new park however, I was surprised to see and number of alternatives being offered in the pull-down list including “None” and “Unknown”. Does this mean that there is some option to add parks with no IUCN category assigned?


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