LXFF_logo_1LXFF Coordinator

WWFF is pleased to announce the appointment of Mill LX1CC as the new LXFF Coordinator. Welcome!

LXFF Website

A new LXFF website has been established by Danny ON4VT… see LXFF44.Wordpress.com

LXFF References

Continuing recent developments, LXFF references have now been renumbered to four-digits – so from LXFF-xxx to LXFF-0xxx

LXFF Awards

New awards have been added to Logsearch…

  • LXFF-A will be awarded to Activators for each five LXFF references activated (subject to the QSO quorum)
  • LXFF-H will be awarded to Hunters for each five LXFF references worked (Also for SWL)