Amateur radio is intended to be a hobby, and where-ever possible, transcend controversial matters.. eg beyond politics and religion.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is not possible…

Those of us coordinating WWFF globally do not wish to get embroiled in geo-political debates about territorial claims, and do not attempt to take sides or make judgement…

We have to be guided by our best interpretation of International Law (as defined by United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union) as it stands.


  1. Only references issued under the program of the de jure sovereign nation be accepted as qualifying locations within the WWFF program.
  2. Such references will be shall be considered as part of the de jure entity for the WWFF Awards.
  3. Any proposed references for locations under any other national program will be rejected.
  4. Where references have been accepted under the wrong national program, they will be deleted retrospectively.
  5. Any activity that cites any such invalid references will be invalid for WWFF awards.

The WWFF committee will keep this position under review.