On Sunday January 8th OZFF Group would like to invite all WWFF Hunters and OZFF Activators to OZFF New Years Hunt 2017.
The Event starts at 12:00 UTC and ends 14:00 UTC.
Activators have to stay in an OZFF area and will get 1 point for every QSO. Each Hunter-station may be worked one time pr. Band / Mode.
Hunters who have worked 3 different OZFF areas or more can apply for an special Award at www.ozff.dk
We hope / believe that 5-6 stations, perhaps more, will be on the air from different OZFF areas. Deadline for registration is at January 1st. Before the start a list of active stations / OZFF areas will be public.
This event is mainly to have some fun, but also to promote Flora Fauna in Denmark. We hope to have 1-2 “First time” Activators on the air.
If this become a succes, We will do it soon again 

Merry X-mas and HNY 2017 for everybody
See You on the air January 8th
Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob