One of the frequently asked questions is “Why can’t activators upload their own logs?”.  And the answer we give is “Because, even with the checking process of the National Coordinator (or National Log Manager), too many errors still get through.”

Mistakes happen… it is easy enough to transcribe a paper log and get transpose letters in callsigns, or get a P2P reference wrong (either by mis-hearing or mistyping).

But the following (quite common) mistakes should never make it as far as Logsearch… firstly, the Activator should check their own log, but equally the NC/NLM should spot them (or, at least the first four):

  • Incorrect OPERATOR
  • Incorrect DATE
  • Incorrect REFERENCE
  • Incorrect BAND
  • Incorrect MODE

So a gentle request to all activators: please check the log before submitting it. And to National Log Managers: please do some basic checks (Date, Station Call, Operator, Reference) before uploading.

Thank you!