World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio

The WWFF program wants to draw attention to the importance of Protected Flora@Fauna (PFF). In this spirit amateur radio operators set up and operate their radio stations from designated nature parks and Protected Flora@Fauna areas (PFF) – generating attention for these areas whilst giving the ham radio community an interesting activity to contact. WWFF is an international and non-commercial program run by the National coordinators of a large number of national Flora and Fauna programs.

Organization of the WWFF program

The WWFF-Team

WWFF Logsearch Administrator

  • M0YMA Andrew

WWFF Member Administrator

  • ON4BB Luk (members@wwff.co)

WWFF Global Award Processing Group

  • Hunter Awards: DL1JKK Karl
  • Activator Awards: DL4BBH Friedrich
  • DXFF Awards: ON5SWA Swa
  • P2P Award: ON5SWA Swa
  • Continent Awards:
    • ACFF Award: LX1CC Mill
    • AFCFF: LX1CC Mill
    • EUCFF: LX1CC Mill
    • ASCFF: 4Z4DX Dov
    • NACFF: N9MM Norm
    • OCCFF: LX1CC Mill
    • SACFF: LX1CC Mill

Contact Us

Please do not email WWFF for support issues! We have a 24/7 HelpDesk running at the WWFF FORUM. Please post your issues there in a new topic!

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