FLE WWFF-logger

Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a text editor to enter QSO data as easy and fast as possible without redundancy. FLE consists of two main panels – a text editor with customizable context-sensitive highlighting and a QSO data grid. The grid shows the completed QSO records, they can be saved as ADIF file (ADIF = Amateur Data Interchange Format).

From version FLE 2.4 on WWFF logging option for activators is added. It logs all necessary data needed for WWFF LogSearch uploading (but also nothing more). Also the Park to Park data is added. Super fast logging guaranteed !


The exported ADIF file is custom ready to upload to LogSearch.

FLE runs on every computer and under all Windows versions.

Download your version here : FLE WWFF-logger

Be sure to read the DOCUMENTATION FILE (and the WWFF section) before starting !

FLE is freeware made by DF3CB Bernd. He’s also the author of the excellent BV Label software for printing your QSL labels !



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