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hi on5swa,
This is now happening to me, too; it is the 1st time.
The strange thing is that ONLY the GCR 1st message does not arrive to me on our server, nor by direct address from logsearch admin.
I tested to add 3 other email addresses to forward the GCR in the server, but nothing: it does not arrive direct nor via the server email forward. Curiously, the email message of approvation and the email message with the awards have the same email addresses, but they arrive and work perfectly.
I cannot figure what may cause this problem, as it is not only a question for one address on the email sent by logsearch admin, as it does not work also on forwarding mail from our server to my adresses! Quite a strange thing.
Do you know what caused these problems to your mail?
Thanks for the Informations.
73 44 , Augusto HB9TZA

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