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    Swa (ON5SWA)

    I dont get the email with the gcr lists anymore.
    5 awards are claimed (ONFF and DXFF.
    I cannot approve these for the moment.

    ON5SWA Swa
    Award manager DXFF, P2P and ONFF

    Swa (ON5SWA)

    I missed the GCR list from 1 march to 8 march.
    All running OK again now
    ON5SWA Swa

    Swa (ON5SWA)

    I am missing emails again with GCRlist from P2P, DXFF and POINTS AWARD claims. They are not in any folder, nor in SPAM

    Swa (ON5SWA)

    08 SEPTEMBER 2020…4 STATIONS APLIED FOR DXFF…9 SEP I received only gcr list for 2 stns
    73 ON5SWA Swa


    hi on5swa,
    This is now happening to me, too; it is the 1st time.
    The strange thing is that ONLY the GCR 1st message does not arrive to me on our server, nor by direct address from logsearch admin.
    I tested to add 3 other email addresses to forward the GCR in the server, but nothing: it does not arrive direct nor via the server email forward. Curiously, the email message of approvation and the email message with the awards have the same email addresses, but they arrive and work perfectly.
    I cannot figure what may cause this problem, as it is not only a question for one address on the email sent by logsearch admin, as it does not work also on forwarding mail from our server to my adresses! Quite a strange thing.
    Do you know what caused these problems to your mail?
    Thanks for the Informations.
    73 44 , Augusto HB9TZA


    HI Swa,
    thanks for your kind posts to me, and for the Infos they contain.
    I have posted a reply to my post on the Forum related to this problem.
    What I have seen, it seems not only related to gmail but more to .com mail providers. But, careful, allof them, comprised gmail, worked perfectly -in my case – for all the other messages from logsearch admin, except these having GCR in the title!!!
    Anyway, I have now added a new email address for me, if I can reach somebody that can add it to the email list of logsearch admin, we will see if what I suppose is true …
    Iìll let you know, Swa, what happens and what I find.
    73 44, and thanks again also for the Awards Infos.
    73 44,

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