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In the meantime I have notice that other NCs had the same problem; it was suggested that it was related to gmail, but on my case this was more related to ” .com ” as other email accounts did not work; but this is not completely true: both gmasil and other .com worked exactly as they sould do for ALL other messages except the one containing GCR in the title, it seemed. I have not tested it as I cannot write from logsearch admin and send me test messages that way; but from what I have seen, fwiw, it seemed so.
Now I have create a NEW email account of that kind that seemed to be working; I need to let logsearch admin to add that email account to the addresses list of these GCR messages; after that, we will see ehat happens.
Please the persons that may modify these addresses keep in touch with me by personal email so I can give the new address for HBFF-NC and we will stop loosing awards for a silly probably hacking issue on .com or else , whatever it could be!
Many many thanks!
73 44 Augusto

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