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Hello Luk, thanks!
I have inbetween compared my logs results and done some more work with LogSearch.

The results:
– We have NO HBFF Activ. logs on 2010
– WWFF has NO HBFF Logs on 2010
– TOP OPS Gives many, absolutely wrong, for 2010 (fake logs!)

– We have 3 Activators on 2011
– WWFF has the same logs as us for 2011
– TOP OPS gives 1 activator only for 2011 (are the right logs!)

I have not yet tested for other years, but what is clear is that the WWFF DataBase has the right data, and only the results of these statistics are wrong.
For this I suppose that all the Activator awards are rights.

For Hunters, as in 2010 we had NO activations at all, is clear that also Top Hunter 2010 may not be correct.
For the same reason of errors in 2011 above maybe also 2011.

I have decided to issue our Top Awards based only on Log Data, that are the same in WWFF and HBFF , in spite of statistics.

Many thanks, Luk
73 44 Augusto

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