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    Good Afternoon,
    I receive a message from HB9CBR regarding HBFF Program Top Operators for 2010. He wrote me:
    “I just checked the figures – so far ok but 2010 cannot be correct as I did not activate any HBFF nor did HB9BIN … ”
    HB9CBR seems to have 28 Refs with 3531 QSOs and HB9BIN 16 Refs with 1971 QSOs, in the year 2010 !!!
    What is really odd, is that I have the 1st HBFF Activation on 26/06/2011 by DL1EKO and then 7 activations by I2AE then 2 activations by HB9WFF (Club Call) so total of 10 activations only on 2011 but ZERO activations in 2010 !
    Is there something to be seen in the Top Activators List for 2010?

    More, also in 2011 there are Faults!
    There is only I2AE with 7 activations (total of 14 all Tine? NO! 7!!!) and nobody else. So also the 2011 statistic is faulty!

    For the following years I have to check, and count thge “Operator” Field by activations, a thing that is to be implemented for HBFF, I never did these statistics before.

    I think there is somehow a fault in these statistics, may be interesting foir you to check that, so I write this note to you.

    Please let me know your Findings, as we should release the HBFF Top Activators Awards, and I feel I should check all Yearly Top Lists before that!

    More important, the All Time List: is this OK or has Faults???
    How may I check that? May this affect the released Awards? If so, it is very urgent to check the statistics!
    Please let me know if I shall do it by myself (looong work…) or may you check it easily and quickly; many thanks!

    73 44, Augusto
    – a copy of this msg to the HBFF Staff by email and link


    Good Afternoon,
    I have checked the logs I did upload these times: all is correct.

    Thus the Top Operator statistic for 2010 is completely wrong.
    Probably also for the hunters, as we had no activations in 2010 at all.

    For 2011, the only activations are by I2AE and this is also wrong as we had alo 1 activation by DL1EKO and 2 activations on the same Ref by HB9WFF.

    For this reason we believe that also the “all years” statistics may be wrong! And for this, also some Award may have been issued wrongly.

    I also checked the refs activated by those activators, with LogSearch: strangely, it gives correct results for 2011.

    I would please the concerned manager to correct these pages, and write mere if the other years statistics are corrected, so we may issue the top operators yearly awards.

    Many thanks!

    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Augusto

    Logsearch simply processes the data it has… if there are activations showing the wrong year, that suggests that the QSO date is incorrect…

    Perhaps HB9CBR can look at his “2010” activations and tell us when they actually were?


    Hello Luk, thanks!
    I have inbetween compared my logs results and done some more work with LogSearch.

    The results:
    – We have NO HBFF Activ. logs on 2010
    – WWFF has NO HBFF Logs on 2010
    – TOP OPS Gives many, absolutely wrong, for 2010 (fake logs!)

    – We have 3 Activators on 2011
    – WWFF has the same logs as us for 2011
    – TOP OPS gives 1 activator only for 2011 (are the right logs!)

    I have not yet tested for other years, but what is clear is that the WWFF DataBase has the right data, and only the results of these statistics are wrong.
    For this I suppose that all the Activator awards are rights.

    For Hunters, as in 2010 we had NO activations at all, is clear that also Top Hunter 2010 may not be correct.
    For the same reason of errors in 2011 above maybe also 2011.

    I have decided to issue our Top Awards based only on Log Data, that are the same in WWFF and HBFF , in spite of statistics.

    Many thanks, Luk
    73 44 Augusto

    Il 26/09/2023 10:24, Luc Waterschoot ha scritto:


    Hello Andrew,
    About your reply to me #13902,
    I have replied here, I guess, but I cannot find anything more.
    I’m sorry for that; as I have no copy of what I wrote to you I cannot copy here my reply.

    I hope you have got it by mail, anyway it was that logs are corrected as uploaded these times, and WWFF seems to have all them right; but the statistics does not reflect these data.

    It’s not so important, we have checked and now we are clear.

    The all years awards we believe to be right, and our yearly top ops will be issued based on our logs.

    Many thanks, Andrew, let me please have a valid email for you as the one of my previous messages re HB9 did come back with invalid address.

    Ciao 73 44, Augusto


    Andrew, please let me have a valid email address for you, as my last emails to you re HB9/M**** did not get you at all, and we need these answers to go on organizing the activations.
    Many thanks, Augusto


    Hello Andrew,
    I am not able to reach you anymore so I hope you read the message here!

    Please let me have somehow, better by WhatsApp at my cellphone number, the images of these HB9 Paper Logs.
    That will make me possible to go forth, otherwise I’m QRX …

    Please contact me by email to get data and numbers for WhatsApp ot other media, thanks.

    Vy 73, Augusto

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