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Hi, Danny.
I share your opinion about making the maximum number of QSO, in our activities, we do about 400 QSO, but because we think that the spirit of the WWFF (EAFF in my case) diploma is to give everyone the maximum opportunity to work on that reference And consequently give all the maximum opportunities to have a contact / reference more to obtain diplomas.
But your way of operating and mine are not the only ones, and the rules (in my point of view) are to guarantee a minimum, if the minimum is 44 QSO and there is no minimum of time, because I guarantee that there will be some Only 44 QSO.
I see that every day the WWFF diploma tends to resemble the SOTA diploma, I think it’s a serious mistake.
How would you feel that on December 1, 2016 I would do an EAFF activity whose reference had never been activated and only made the first 44 and more powerful hunters? I think you would not like it very much.
Standards should avoid bad habits, not encourage them.
With respect to the radioclubs I totally agree with SP9YFF, the QSO minimum should be set at 44 by the number of operators that have intervened.

73 + 44

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