Reply To: New rules, bad news?


In principal there is not to many new rules in.The rules V4.0 needed an adaption to the actual situation with reflection to our logsearch.
There is a big difference between WWFF operation in the south of EU and the North SM/LA /OH and a still more pronounced difference if we look to our WWFF activity in the US and VK/JA. Those identities are growing and even reaching the level of 44 is pretty hard for those guys. We need to keep these guys on board and not to smatch them away from the WWFF program with qsos level they never can reach.The 44 level was implemented already maybe more than 2 years ago.
Next we would give the activators more flexibility. The 44 level was discussed and accepted as a good compromise. We did not want to complicate our rules, because we still need to control everything in our logsearch.
We want to keep it simple as possible. Each National program has his own National identity to enfold them is a big issue.
Again we have to look beyond these National identities and find an common denominator. And I know nothing is perfect.
It is the role of all our National programs to attract more activators and the best way to get more people involved, is to have activity on our bands. Activity is the best promotion for our program.
Danny, is building up tools to promote, to attrach new activators. We need more time to implement our logsearch on our website.
To all good next activity with lots of qsos & good hunting for our chasers.

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