Reply To: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs!


HI you All,
As I got no answer, I am looking at bypassing the Problem.

I try this way: I search for Callsign , stats as Activator-References-NationalAwards ; I see that Stas in that sense are working, so thanks Andrew oncemore.

So now I may download a list of the References activated that are loaded on the WWFF Database. One for each activator callsign I have here. Long way, but doable.

At this point it will be very simple to have a list of NOT-IN-WWFF logs, and I could upload them … MAYBE !

But it may also not be that simple, so , in order to avoid the possibility to upload double logs, I please Andrew, or others that may access the WWFF Database, to control the list of these apparently not present logs, apart from their station_callsign, by Reference :

|Activation | by | date | notes
HBFF-0145 HB9WFF/P Dec. 04, 2016
HBFF-0144 HB9WFF/P Dec. 03, 2016
HBFF-0160 HB9HI/P Nov. 23, 2016
HBFF-0020 HB9HI/P Nov. 19, 2016
HBFF-0139 HB9WFF/P Nov. 13, 2016
HBFF-0007 HB0/DL8DBW/P Oct. 27, 2016
HBFF-0139 HB9WFF/P Sep. 25, 2016
HBFF-0020 HB9/DL2DXA/P Aug. 22, 2016
HBFF-0163 HB9DNI/P Aug. 21, 2016 (end)
HBFF-0163 HB9DNI/P Aug. 14, 2016 (begin)

If I get a response in reasonable time, I’ll upload them;
and in this way :
– hunters will be happy for Xmas,
– they will not beat wife childrens and pets,
– Award Managers will be happy to work out Awards …
And I will stop writing silly notes on the Forum.

May you all have a beautiful wonderful quiet relaxed Xmas , and may the new 2017 bring you a lot of new parks worked!
And of course, among them, mines on 5R8 .

Cheers, 73 44 de August HB9TZA I2JJR 5R8JR

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