Reply To: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs!


Thanks Andrew , as usual you get me out of the troubles!

More than a list of what I have uploaded, it could be better a list of the HBFF logs present on the DataBase.

I remember I got something like that in the past, if I remember correctly, it was among top operators statistics .
It is present but not working: see , query by “all-time” and “HBFF” that only gives “stats for HBFF coming soon … “. This could be an easier answer to my needs, when working.

Or , it could be a subset of the logsearch – latest logs – national awards , or else a subset of awards & progs – National Awards – ; but the 1st is more likely to be pertinent.

Or else it could be similar to callsign search : Logsearch – Logsearch Callsign and be Logsearch – Logsearch Reference ; where I may query for , i.e., a single reference, i.e. HBFF-0001 to list a reference and its logs present on the DataBase, know how many activations and who was activator; or even a national program name, i.e. HBFF, and in that case it will list all the activated references logs that are in the WWFF DataBase.

This are my thinkings; you are the Master, and thus of course, do what you feel better !
But I hope to have been helpful.

For these logs, that I had listed in my last message, if you could see if they are not in the WWFF, then I could add them.

My upload ended while migration, as we wrote us these times, and after HBFF-0174, some month ago; so we are a bit late!

I could recover uploading the listed logs, if it is OK from you!
Please, when you have time to do it, tell me if OK, and I’ll do.

73 44, and have a nice, calm and warm Xmas!

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