Reply To: Club Disadvantage

Kevin (K4VD)

OK… I understand the need for challenges and such. I had a different idea going into this about what those challenges might be. There’s the fun challenge of putting together a field-worthy package, getting setup up in nature, having people visit the picnic table or rock and speak a little about what we’re doing, and making contacts of course.

But it seems limiting to say that my one day out of a year to visit a certain park that I happen to be near (for business, just passing through, whatever) will not count as an activation for the club because I can’t get 200 contacts in the 4 hours I can spare.

I understand I get personal credit. I’m just not sure why the club couldn’t get credit.

I’m the new guy. This weekend was my first WWFF journey and I had a blast. But as the new guy, I get to make all sorts of crazy requests. It’s expected, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for the responses…

Kev K4VD

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