Reply To: P2P Not confirming

Andrew M0YMA

Let me explain:

  1. P2P confirmation is on the base-call… so /P /M etc are ignored
  2. P2P requires a match of date, band and mode, plus the two callsigns plus the two references
  3. A match is still made when one QSO specifies both references, and the other is from the matching reference

It should be noted that:

  1. P2P confirmation is fine where there is only one qualifying QSO set on a given date/band/mode/reference/callsign combination
  2. P2P confirmation is fine where there are multiple QSO pairs, and the times are within 5 minutes of each other (or one time is zero, or not specified!)

Problem areas:

  1. Neither log claims the P2P
  2. The times are more than 5 minutes apart
  3. Other log errors
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