Reply To: P2P Not confirming


In LogSearch it says I have zero P2P contacts. However on 21.05.2017 I was in DLFF-0109 and had a P2P with DJ0BO in DLFF-0034. Because we were both also on mountian summits we use the upload facility in GMA to upload our logs. It could be that the GMA upload does not contain the information needed for a P2P confirmation??? Some more of my logs with P2P were:

30.04.2017 DLFF-0109 with DLFF-0111 and DLFF-0121
23.04.2017 DÖFF-0111 with DLFF-0121

If there is anyway to correct our logs so that they do contain the P2P information please let me know.

73, larry dl8vko

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