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Hi Bill
Some time ago I had the pleasure of changing some message. Meanwhile your proposal for the 24 DXFF diploma has materialized and has already been released for requests from two continents.
I’m trying to understand what you wrote!
I’m trying to understand what the link is between P2P and WWFF’s genitive activity. I’m afraid that here, you probably mean that there are two digits in the WWFF and they do not “sigh”! This diploma was proposed and implemented at some point. The requirement that the diploma can be obtained is that both correspondents send the references, both to their own and to the correspondent. If they are not both or not all logged in, it’s normal to have the difference between the two digits. What’s wrong with this?
Regarding the involvement of other teams in the WWFF activity
It seems to me that here is trying to accredit the idea that WWFF is made in the EU.
This is true! After reorganizing in 2012, this is a creation of the EU’s teams.
We enjoyed the participation of VKFF under Paul’s co-ordination, which got involved with notable results.
WWFF has rules!
After me, WWFF is not organized as a commercial company with the management of an owner or a designated boss.
After the humble opinion, the fact that a year ago passed from the rules to the constitution, was a move that created the possibility to lead by votes. So far, everything seems democratic. When deciding on the top of what is good to talk about and what not, the Democrats took a strange slope.
Come back to other teams. These teams are welcome as long as the rules of the game are respected. When trying (and tried!) to change it already we have to do with take-over intentions. The changes were requested on behalf of the participants who asked to make their own changes to the submitted logs, If Andrew does not make it instant, they are starting the problems. Instead of attracting the attention of the negligent, there is pressure against Andrew
It is true that in some situations there have been some problems, but the need to show some of those who lead that they get involved, some benchmarks of good coexistence have been overcome. Which inevitably led to divergences.
WWFF is not a divine leadership. It is coordinated by people like you or anyone else.
I’ve even compared the case with someone going into your house and then starting to reorganize everything in that house!
I personally handle a series of WWFF diplomas. I have some things that bother me, I hope it can be solved.
Regarding the fact that Andrew, who was the “father” of the Logsearch program, was offended, I find a lack of politeness on their part. Frankly, if I was in his place and knew they wanted to get the database to create a parallel management system from elsewhere, I did not even agree to give them access!
The fact that in the past two months you have visited 55 protected areas without making any QSO makes me think that you are not quite so embraced in WWFF!
As winter holidays knock on the door, it would be preferable to a more mild attitude and much understanding.
WWFF is not mine, it’s not yours, it’s ours! We all enjoy it!
Merry Christmas!
If some wrong is in English, it was made with google translator!

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