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    Ok so how many times do we have to have Danny resign , then reinstate himself, how many times do we have to ask why P2P are not balancing, how many times do we have to put up with non committee backdoor bennies interfering. I notice that USA has said get stuffed and rightly so, I am surprised it has taken so long cause from where I sit they are well justified on taking the stance they have taken. Since when do you create a program that works ever so well while you wish to work your bum buddy mates and then when other countries wish to get involved you say yes please come on board then at the same time it has to be your way or not at all…… I seem to recollect that IOTA had similar issues and the GOD wanted total control no matter what……… now look at that ……… a floundering fish in a big ocean……. why would EU want to make the program worldwide ???? I got to ask………. seriously in all my years of being a dxer I have seen some real good things develop and then I have seen some that should have become the be all and end all fall flat on their arse……….. this program is going to certainly be the latter……… I have watched Paul VK5PAS go all out to do the very best he could to bring this program into the 21st century all the while having to continually put out fires with problems in EU….. what you want me to quote some of them……… how about when Danny and Luciano had the huge blow up, how about when our Deputy in USA resigned cause he got sick of the bullshit coming from EU and how about the latest where Paul VK5PAS has been deliberately back doored and now the so called committee is not even legal, the constitution is thrown in the bin and it just goes on……. FFS is it so good that EU wish to totally obliterate this program……. what a waste…….. many thousands of hours from many people all gone down the drain unless we the participants put a stop to it. Yes I am aware that specialist people are required to operate the computer software ( shit Andrew never seems to have sufficient time yet when help was found he knocked it back , why……. cause he wants total control ) and even when a IT action group was formed to tackle problems and find a solution again it was interfered with just so total control was kept. How does anyone sit there and state they give the software to wwff but then make sure no one else can use it. Continental Representative positions and National Co-ordinators positions was also structured only to have EU making accusations that wwff was being turned into a business…… the list goes on. I am aware that we need people in various countries to make this show work. I am also aware that unless we do something very constructive right now we loose the lot to stupidity…….. so here it is . I move the motion that the total committee immediately resign and an emergency meeting is called. At that meeting 5 only Committee be elected in 5 strategic areas of the world. They will then run this program. They will request volunteers to act as sub committee members however under no circumstances will anyone other than the 5 committee be permitted any voting rights. By now you can guess that I am way past being polite, I am way past giving a rats if I offend any of the culprits, I am way past worrying if my reputation is effected…….. I have a very favourite saying……. ” I do not care if you are a paid employee or a volunteer, shit or get off the pot” ….. the time has come for the culprits leave and allow the program to prosper before its too late.
    I would not blame USA if they continue with their new program, I would not blame any other country for doing the same infact unless the culprits actually walk away I can for see Oceania and Asia following suit. I sit with baited breath to see how many current committee have the gutz to do the right thing and resign forth with.
    Meanwhile I have been in over 55 vkff areas in the last 7 weeks and have not made one qso because I am utterly disgusted. So today when I think ok go see what has been happening on the web site……. what a absolute dogs breakfast….. instant resignations required now before its too late to salvage this program.

    Pit YO3JW

    Hi Bill
    Some time ago I had the pleasure of changing some message. Meanwhile your proposal for the 24 DXFF diploma has materialized and has already been released for requests from two continents.
    I’m trying to understand what you wrote!
    I’m trying to understand what the link is between P2P and WWFF’s genitive activity. I’m afraid that here, you probably mean that there are two digits in the WWFF and they do not “sigh”! This diploma was proposed and implemented at some point. The requirement that the diploma can be obtained is that both correspondents send the references, both to their own and to the correspondent. If they are not both or not all logged in, it’s normal to have the difference between the two digits. What’s wrong with this?
    Regarding the involvement of other teams in the WWFF activity
    It seems to me that here is trying to accredit the idea that WWFF is made in the EU.
    This is true! After reorganizing in 2012, this is a creation of the EU’s teams.
    We enjoyed the participation of VKFF under Paul’s co-ordination, which got involved with notable results.
    WWFF has rules!
    After me, WWFF is not organized as a commercial company with the management of an owner or a designated boss.
    After the humble opinion, the fact that a year ago passed from the rules to the constitution, was a move that created the possibility to lead by votes. So far, everything seems democratic. When deciding on the top of what is good to talk about and what not, the Democrats took a strange slope.
    Come back to other teams. These teams are welcome as long as the rules of the game are respected. When trying (and tried!) to change it already we have to do with take-over intentions. The changes were requested on behalf of the participants who asked to make their own changes to the submitted logs, If Andrew does not make it instant, they are starting the problems. Instead of attracting the attention of the negligent, there is pressure against Andrew
    It is true that in some situations there have been some problems, but the need to show some of those who lead that they get involved, some benchmarks of good coexistence have been overcome. Which inevitably led to divergences.
    WWFF is not a divine leadership. It is coordinated by people like you or anyone else.
    I’ve even compared the case with someone going into your house and then starting to reorganize everything in that house!
    I personally handle a series of WWFF diplomas. I have some things that bother me, I hope it can be solved.
    Regarding the fact that Andrew, who was the “father” of the Logsearch program, was offended, I find a lack of politeness on their part. Frankly, if I was in his place and knew they wanted to get the database to create a parallel management system from elsewhere, I did not even agree to give them access!
    The fact that in the past two months you have visited 55 protected areas without making any QSO makes me think that you are not quite so embraced in WWFF!
    As winter holidays knock on the door, it would be preferable to a more mild attitude and much understanding.
    WWFF is not mine, it’s not yours, it’s ours! We all enjoy it!
    Merry Christmas!
    If some wrong is in English, it was made with google translator!


    I have sat here wondering how or even why I should reply to your dialogue Pit and I have decided to just say 3 things
    1. Andrew publicly donated the software to WWFF so he no longer owns it and he continually refuses help when suitable computer people have been sourced to help.
    2. There is not one other operator anywhere in the world that has spent dedicated hours working the world from wwff areas, not one that comes close to my dedication so do not tell me what I am doing in 55 areas.
    3. As for Christmas it will not be a good one unless mass resignations are forth with. There is not one person on committee that can justify to the rest of us why there are problems or why they should not immediately vacate their position……….

    Pit YO3JW

    Dear friend Bill
    I’ll try to be short
    1. The fact that Andrew donated the WWFF program does not mean that others take over the “database”!
    2. I did not write what to do! I just noticed you did not activate from those protected areas you were in.
    Myself have not resisted having to have the station and try at least a few QSOs
    3. I’ve commented and maintained that WWFF is governed by RULES, and les by persons. As long you accept it, you are welcome.

    I know that it is very easy to criticize. It’s harder to do the job.

    Merry Christmas !
    Pit YO3JW

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    You see Pit you are wrong.
    At no time did anyone try to take over the database, there was a concerted effort to get assistance for Andrew who bloody well needs it cause he simply fails to get things fixed largely due to his other work environment so do not try to tell me others were taking over that is bullshit. Your comments about my dedication are noted. As for bloody rules yes there are rules but the committee does not abide by them so if you wish to stick your neck on the chopping block then go ahead. As for criticise being easy ……. I along with others have offered support and it continually gets turned down all because its a little boys club and you do not want others to have any input.
    You just keep doing the same old and I will simply watch it all slide away.

    Pit YO3JW

    I am glad to be able to express our opinions. If, as a result of this controversy, something tangible will result, I will be the first to applaud!
    So about Andrew. I keep my opinion. I’m not repeating it again. Whoever wants to read in the previous passages
    I think any help is welcome! It would be desirable for those who would like or want to help come and create program segments to be implemented in Logsearch. So far, I have never seen anything like this.
    This is how I see the help someoneI offer!
    Probably I have to remind that in the Rules, in 2017, there were substantial changes to the suggestion of teams that joined the WWFF.
    Personally, I think those who participate in WWFF’s activities must to follow Rules. The Committee can and must make decisions under new conditions. One of these is, for example, appearance of FT8 mode.
    It will be implemented in the near future.
    I can also repeat myself, pointing out that the 44 DXFF award idea was taken from you. That it is launched by YOFF, and not by WWFF, is less important.
    What I can write is that “not everything flies can be eat!” , is a Romanian saying. It’s not always easy to turn into what we want.
    I hope you, Bill, join to the WWFF enthusiasts. At some point I even asked VK5PAS, Paul, why he does not appeal to you. I do not have an answer yet.
    I do not know what past experiences made you so acidic! I’m glad I had QSO in the band. Hope to meet …
    Merry Christmas!
    Pit YO3JW


    Your response to date is as expected, you will always put Andrew on the pedestal despite the facts he is not able to fix anomalies or spend time required to get things done in a suitable time frame……. you will always support committee despite the fact they do not abide by their own constitution…….. At no time did I wish to have my 44dx award as a non logsearch official award and I am disgusted that it has not happened……… yoff should not be permitted to run a international award that is part of the program, all awards that are part of the international program should be available on logsearch and be officially part of the program or not at all. If various countries wish to run designated country awards that is fine.

    I have had many chats with Paul, he is big enough to make his own comments he does not need me to make them on his behalf.

    If anything positive comes from the bullshit that thousands of us have been putting up with so be it but I doubt it will be any difference.

    When I see committee being held accountable and abide by the very rules they put in place then and only then will I ever consider coming back to wwff.

    Pit YO3JW

    WWFF is a program. The fact that someone is trying to turn into an organizational form like a company with a certain leadership, after my humble opinion was not a good one. I’ve written about this. I will not repeat it again!
    As long as WWFf rules are met, all are OK.
    Not for nothing, I have shown that in 2017 a number of changes have been made at the request of some participants.
    Look into
    It is said that it is not beneficial to change the rules. I consider that today’s ones are good enough and correspond to the purpose of WWFF.
    As for leadership. And I repeat! For the daily participant, the basic criterion is compliance with the rules.
    I think the over 4000 participants are not so much interested in the management abnormalities, especially as they are not known. At least it was so consented in the “constitution”. But I see you are well informed! I guess it’s not from the talks with me!
    As for Andrew! You know I’ll always put it on the pedestal. Because of his work WWFF has reached what he is today. If this is overlooked, or it is an ignorance, or a mischief! Sorry, but I can not interpret it altogether!
    If someone really wants to help, and again I repeat, is to create program lines that can be added to Logsearch. If desired! I hope this is the end of the discussion …
    Each of us has our own opinions!
    For example, you think that international diplomas can not be issued from national teams. I think it is possible! And what’s the problem?
    What bothers me is that people do not think! They go to Logsearch, click, click, click and the diploma application leaves … If you have to do some searches in the Logsearch, they are lost and they do not do it anymore. Here is a method of brainwashing and people no longer want to create, just click, click, click, click.
    We start to be a “clickman”!
    Then they come that they can not get anything!
    I regret the fact that you made the decision not to participate in WWFF, but that decision belongs to you, it is yours! It’s not a WWFF decision!

    Of course, improvements can be made. For this, however, it is necessary to respect the WWFF rules and not to modify them according to the preference of each. And for this it takes the voluntary involvement of as many as possible. I hope we are not all retired! Family, job(s) and other daily obligations have priority.
    There’s still a little, Christmas is coming!
    Pit YO3JW


    I do not understand why you have even bothered to send a reply. All you have successfully done is show everyone that you are so wrapped up in your own little world and that you and the rest of the EU committee own WWFF. You have no concept of what I have stated, you simply continually make excuses and deny. Congratulations you can keep it.

    Pit YO3JW

    Hi Bill
    I agree that you disagree!
    All other your words is simply a way to present your personal opinion!
    Merry Christmas!

    Andrew M0YMA

    Bill… you will be pleased to know that, post-election, I will no longer be a problem ๐Ÿ™‚


    Pleased no Andrew I am simply appalled at the attitude of people like you who seriously need a hand to keep up with a program that grew so fast that none of the committee were in a position to administer it. I am appalled that Pit and others continually keep everyone who has offered help at arms length. You have stated in the past you have donated the software to wwff yet no one else can use it.. so am I pleased ……….. not even remotely close I am disgusted that EU wh seem hell bent on blaming English language for the problems of understanding simply want to control the whole thing and the rest of us can go jump. Yes I have sent in my nominations for what ever position I get so be it and if that is none then I am just as happy cause at the very least I have done what I can to HELP fix the absolute diatribe that this program currently has…….. FFS the constitution that was written is now no longer even available because it shows how much the current committee are doing without any substance of what was approved to be in the constitution. So Andrew guess what I am not happy that you will not be there I am disgusted that you who should understand English have chosen to bury your head in the sand and not accept proper help that was offered, help that I believe could have lead to this program being the best ever cause the software you donated is good to say the least. Be happy for your own world and your own decision but do not expect others to be happy.


    WOW here we all go the secret self appointed tyrants controlling what happens……..

    Yes they have done exactly what we thought they would . I stood for nomination because a heap of you requested I do so and I told you all then they would not ever allow such a thing to become fruitional. Well here is the proof.

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