Reply To: THE COMMITTEE and problems


I am glad to be able to express our opinions. If, as a result of this controversy, something tangible will result, I will be the first to applaud!
So about Andrew. I keep my opinion. I’m not repeating it again. Whoever wants to read in the previous passages
I think any help is welcome! It would be desirable for those who would like or want to help come and create program segments to be implemented in Logsearch. So far, I have never seen anything like this.
This is how I see the help someoneI offer!
Probably I have to remind that in the Rules, in 2017, there were substantial changes to the suggestion of teams that joined the WWFF.
Personally, I think those who participate in WWFF’s activities must to follow Rules. The Committee can and must make decisions under new conditions. One of these is, for example, appearance of FT8 mode.
It will be implemented in the near future.
I can also repeat myself, pointing out that the 44 DXFF award idea was taken from you. That it is launched by YOFF, and not by WWFF, is less important.
What I can write is that “not everything flies can be eat!” , is a Romanian saying. It’s not always easy to turn into what we want.
I hope you, Bill, join to the WWFF enthusiasts. At some point I even asked VK5PAS, Paul, why he does not appeal to you. I do not have an answer yet.
I do not know what past experiences made you so acidic! I’m glad I had QSO in the band. Hope to meet …
Merry Christmas!

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