Reply To: THE COMMITTEE and problems


Your response to date is as expected, you will always put Andrew on the pedestal despite the facts he is not able to fix anomalies or spend time required to get things done in a suitable time frame……. you will always support committee despite the fact they do not abide by their own constitution…….. At no time did I wish to have my 44dx award as a non logsearch official award and I am disgusted that it has not happened……… yoff should not be permitted to run a international award that is part of the program, all awards that are part of the international program should be available on logsearch and be officially part of the program or not at all. If various countries wish to run designated country awards that is fine.

I have had many chats with Paul, he is big enough to make his own comments he does not need me to make them on his behalf.

If anything positive comes from the bullshit that thousands of us have been putting up with so be it but I doubt it will be any difference.

When I see committee being held accountable and abide by the very rules they put in place then and only then will I ever consider coming back to wwff.

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