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WWFF is a program. The fact that someone is trying to turn into an organizational form like a company with a certain leadership, after my humble opinion was not a good one. I’ve written about this. I will not repeat it again!
As long as WWFf rules are met, all are OK.
Not for nothing, I have shown that in 2017 a number of changes have been made at the request of some participants.
Look into
It is said that it is not beneficial to change the rules. I consider that today’s ones are good enough and correspond to the purpose of WWFF.
As for leadership. And I repeat! For the daily participant, the basic criterion is compliance with the rules.
I think the over 4000 participants are not so much interested in the management abnormalities, especially as they are not known. At least it was so consented in the “constitution”. But I see you are well informed! I guess it’s not from the talks with me!
As for Andrew! You know I’ll always put it on the pedestal. Because of his work WWFF has reached what he is today. If this is overlooked, or it is an ignorance, or a mischief! Sorry, but I can not interpret it altogether!
If someone really wants to help, and again I repeat, is to create program lines that can be added to Logsearch. If desired! I hope this is the end of the discussion …
Each of us has our own opinions!
For example, you think that international diplomas can not be issued from national teams. I think it is possible! And what’s the problem?
What bothers me is that people do not think! They go to Logsearch, click, click, click and the diploma application leaves … If you have to do some searches in the Logsearch, they are lost and they do not do it anymore. Here is a method of brainwashing and people no longer want to create, just click, click, click, click.
We start to be a “clickman”!
Then they come that they can not get anything!
I regret the fact that you made the decision not to participate in WWFF, but that decision belongs to you, it is yours! It’s not a WWFF decision!

Of course, improvements can be made. For this, however, it is necessary to respect the WWFF rules and not to modify them according to the preference of each. And for this it takes the voluntary involvement of as many as possible. I hope we are not all retired! Family, job(s) and other daily obligations have priority.
There’s still a little, Christmas is coming!

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