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Better to explain, we could have had that problem also on HBFF, as I receive the most logs not fullfilling the WWFF ADIF Specs.

Not all the activators (None of ours until now) uses the FLE (Fast Log Entry); most of our ops use BBlogger (it does not allow to add fields: sig, sig_info, my_sig, my_sig_info; and uses Operator instead of Station_callsign) other use N1MM but not all the right fields, etc etc.

But, when receiving logs, I always verify if it is good to be uploaded in “auto” mode, and I complete the logs adding or modifying the fields, and asking for additional Infos when needed. It is a job I do normally, practically always, before to upload the logs to WWFF.

Is there into the WWFF sitepages an help explanation for the National Coordinator on “How to suit the logs to be uploaded to WWFF LogSearch not loosing data doing it?
A short explanation on how to modify an unsuitable log before to try to upload it and do something incorrect?

It should be very useful for the National Coordinators that are not well informed or proficient with ADIF Logs and with WWFF LogSearch structure!

I feel it could be very helpful, and needed.
Is something like this available? Thanks

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