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    Hello there,
    I guess I have indirectly encountered a Log-Problem…
    Many Loggers are not ADIF-Formally correct, i.e. the most uses Operator instead of “Station_Callsign”, a very silly error done to unclear definition of Station_callsign and Operator by ADIF-Specs.
    Now it happens that, uploading such a log, one will get the Operator and SIG_INFO lost, so damaging the right of a club station or else operator to the credit, and the P2P credit too, maybe .
    Of course if one then provides to the National Coordinator the correct log, with all the proper Adif Fields Informations, what could Nat. Coord. do? Ask here to erase that reference log?
    Of course, not to upload it oncemore, I guess it would be refused by LogSearch.
    The fact is, LogSearch refuses formally incorrect logs having the “Station_callsign” field loaded manually as “Operator” and finds then a “Operator” Field having different contents in the uploaded log, (not auto uploaded, but manually); but it does not refuse logs that have only the “operator” callsign and not the “Station_callsign”, and that does not have any “sig” and “sig_info” Reference, but that could be true in case of any P2P QSO done anyway.

    Is there a way to solve this problem, having a formally wrong log uploadded ?
    Could LogSearch use the Headers of the ADIF Log to alert or refuse if the listed logger in the Header is a problematic one not correctly using the ADIF Fields?

    Thanks for any advice to solve this problem, is a problem we have but not on the HBFF itself …

    73 es 44, TNXs Augusto HB9TZA

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    Better to explain, we could have had that problem also on HBFF, as I receive the most logs not fullfilling the WWFF ADIF Specs.

    Not all the activators (None of ours until now) uses the FLE (Fast Log Entry); most of our ops use BBlogger (it does not allow to add fields: sig, sig_info, my_sig, my_sig_info; and uses Operator instead of Station_callsign) other use N1MM but not all the right fields, etc etc.

    But, when receiving logs, I always verify if it is good to be uploaded in “auto” mode, and I complete the logs adding or modifying the fields, and asking for additional Infos when needed. It is a job I do normally, practically always, before to upload the logs to WWFF.

    Is there into the WWFF sitepages an help explanation for the National Coordinator on “How to suit the logs to be uploaded to WWFF LogSearch not loosing data doing it?
    A short explanation on how to modify an unsuitable log before to try to upload it and do something incorrect?

    It should be very useful for the National Coordinators that are not well informed or proficient with ADIF Logs and with WWFF LogSearch structure!

    I feel it could be very helpful, and needed.
    Is something like this available? Thanks

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    I correct what I wrote before: a short explanation on how to upload logs on LogSearch and what Fields are required exists, it may be found under “rules and FAQ / 2 confirming and sending logs” or even better may be understand reading the specs of FLE , on .
    It is also interesting and appropriate the “rules and FAQ/6-eQSL” very well explained by ON4VT and completed by good notes by VK4AAC .
    Ending I found something unknown to me before: the “log search management ” at the bottom of that same page “Rules and FAQ” .
    But on that .pdf the final question ” How to suit the logs to be uploaded to WWFF LogSearch not loosing data doing it? ” is only partially answered, as it describes only how to upload logs by entering manually some of the required data; but it does not explain at all how to preapare a log to be OK for the auto-detect upload; this .pdf file could well be completed with such Infos and thus also entering some note about the ADIF Fields required and their precise content meaning.
    It could be helpful also a short explanation about the LogSearch provided Filters and Errors management.

    Please do not interpret these notes as a critique of your good work, but as ideas and suggestions to help national managers understand and do better in their tasks.
    My intention, if possible, is to help.
    Thank you! Augusto HB9TZA I2JJR

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