Reply To: SP0JT by SP9YFF and others..

Andrew M0YMA

The source of the problem seems to be the narrow mind of a man who does not allow the possibility of working at a club station under a special sign, and applies any regulations nowhere saved.

Assuming that “narrow mind” belongs to me, you are mistaken.

The reason that Club calls are not currently recognized is that I have not found a way of adding the necessary flags into the WordPress database in such a way that they can be queried correctly.

The source code is Open (see and if anyone has a suggestion, they are welcome to propose the appropriate changes.

At some point, either when I (or someone else) has a solution, the Club table entries will be reinstated – if I had no plans to do so, I’d have deleted the columns by now! Meanwhile, if you put both the club call and the operator into the log-file the data is there for future aggregation.

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