Reply To: Wrong Log Uploaded !!!


HI Manfred,
1) NO, the log HBFF-0172 for 2019-01-29 (log-id 68124) shall NOT be deleted, it is OK

2) The log YU1CA@HBFF-0040_20190122 can not be uploaded, see here:
Log Upload

Uploading: YU1CA@HBFF-0040_20190122.adi
… Reference: HBFF-0040 (manual)
… Station: HB9/YU1CA/P (manual)
… Operator: YU1CA (manual)

[ERROR] Log ‘YU1CA@HBFF-0040_20190122.adi’ already loaded

3) the log YU1CA@HBFF-0059_20190126 can also NOT be uploaded, similar error, see here:
Log Upload

Uploading: YU1CA@HBFF-0059_20190126.adi
… Reference: auto (auto)
… Station: auto (auto)
… Operator: auto (auto)

[ERROR] Log ‘YU1CA@HBFF-0059_20190126.adi’ already loaded

I guess these uploads should be erased otherwise I cannot upload logs wioth the same name; othjerwise I could change the log name and upload them, but I fear this could give some other mess … what if I send to you both the rights logs?
Thanks again , Manfred, I wrote back here in GB as maybe Andrew does not read German language … I do not know.

Please let me know what I may do to help you further with these corrections, many many thanks!
73 44 Augusto HB9TZA

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