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    I plan to schedule an activation very soon. There is a 2nd park within 20 minutes. If I decide to go on and activate the second park same day does this create a problem as far as credit for activation? I would not have access to internet.
    IS this something I can resolve when I return so I and chasers get their credit? Would I need to make a Agenda entry when I return just as though the 2nd park was previously scheduled ?
    Ken WN8Y


    There are no time limits or concerns with regard to your activations. You have the freedom to do it how you can. The Agenda is not binding, and is there to give a good idea on when you’ll arrive and activate. Of course, try to be there in that time, but it’s not a law. Once finished, please send me your logs at w3aax@outlook.com. 73 44 W3AAX

    Andrew M0YMA

    You get activation credit, and the hunters get hunter credit, based on the log that is submitted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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