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    Pit YO3JW

    Thanks to SP9YFF
    Some aspects that are not known!
    The announcement of my withdrawal was made in the forum free access area.
    Curiously after some time I did not find this again and appeared in the limited access area of ​​the WWFF
    I thought I was wrong!
    After the retirement announcement, I have seen the “privileges” of issuing global diplomas gone!
    Meanwhile, I had an agreement with DF6EX to continue the business until March 1, 2018. And so I regained the “privileges” to be able to release the global diplomas. The surprise was that NACFF was missing from the table!
    Meanwhile, I had an exchange of messages with Dave, VA3RJ and I agreed that the NACFF diploma would be released from Canada.
    Asking what was happening answered and I got that the diplomas could not be discontinued and N9MM therefore agreed to take over NACFF
    I sent a mail to N9MM but did not get any answer. I asked the AE4RM and he replied that he did not know about this. As a result, VA3RJ agreed to take over the NACFF diploma and I asked the “leadership” WWFF to put into the system the VA3RJ’s address to be able to issue the NACFF diploma.
    I received a hallucinating answer that they can not, as the N9MM already took the diploma!!
    Some details. Most diplomas are my own design, YO3JW, and I have the right to own them. The WWFF management has no right over these creations. It mean “copy right”!
    I sent templates to VA3RJ and only he has the right to use them. If N9MM remains to distribute NACFF, it will have to create new models. The XXCFF had same design idea for all continents.
    I can say that the KFF states diploma template was sent by me to the N9MM for use after being named as USA’s award manager.
    After this stupid episode, I decided not to continue the work of the award manager until March 1, 2018
    On the other hand, I had a request expressing my disagreement about the changes made to the Rules, meaning that there is no control over the activity of the limited management of WWFF. Unfortunately this was the moment when I decided to withdraw!
    The new provisions have obtained 6 votes from the WWFF’s limited management. I proposed that any change in Rules can be made only by all Countries coordinators with their votes.
    More info at http://wff-yo.blogspot.ro/p/blog-page.html
    I hope this message remains and is not deleted or moved
    Sincerely, YO3JW, Pit
    Sorry for any bad English. translation by Google!

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